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Briandavidphillips-sgi14-nature.mp3 2.501.05.17 15:10:16Brian David Phillips, Ph.D.Nature by Lance Hsu2001Waking Dreams Three, Student WNone0:09:58
Briandavidphillips-sgi20-neverland.m 2.301.05.17 15:12:18Brian David Phillips, Ph.D.Neverland by Tienhsiang Chao2001Waking Dreams Three, Student WNone0:08:59
Briandavidphillips-sgi10-underseamer 1.801.03.19 08:14:42Brian David Phillips, Ph.D.Under the Sea Little Mermaid b2001Waking Dreams Two, Student Wor0:07:09
Briandavidphillips-sgi01-adventuresk 1.501.03.19 08:20:44Brian David Phillips, Ph.D.Adventure in the Sky by Anna C2001Waking Dreams Two, Student WorksSlow0:06:33
Briandavidphillips-sgi03-heaven.mp3 1.701.03.19 08:12:16Brian David Phillips, Ph.D.Heaven by Allen Liao2001Waking Dreams Two, Student Wor0:06:43
Briandavidphillips-sgi11-wonderocean 1.701.03.19 08:15:00Brian David Phillips, Ph.D.Wonderful World in the Ocean b2001Waking Dreams Two, Student Wor0:06:33
Briandavidphillips-sgi06-speakanimal 1.801.03.19 08:13:20Brian David Phillips, Ph.D.Speak Animal Languages by Vern2001Waking Dreams Two, Student Wor0:06:59
Briandavidphillips-sgi02-glidingonai 1.801.03.19 08:11:56Brian David Phillips, Ph.D.Gliding on Air by Jun Alcazar2001Waking Dreams Two, Student Wor0:07:09
Briandavidphillips-sgi15-backwomb.mp 1.901.05.17 15:10:38Brian David Phillips, Ph.D.Back to the Womb by Lance Hsu2001Waking Dreams Three, Student WNone0:07:14
Briandavidphillips-sgi05-desertpalac 1.901.03.19 08:12:58Brian David Phillips, Ph.D.Palace in the Desert by Henry2001Waking Dreams Two, Student Wor0:07:27
Tonguetwisters.mp3 2.401.07.10 09:21:32Brian David Phillips, Ph.D.Tonge Twisters2001Articulation and PronunciationNone
Briandavidphillips-sgi00-relax.mp3 1.301.05.17 15:09:30Brian David Phillips, Ph.D.Guided Imagery Relaxation2001Waking Dreams Three, Student WNone
Briandavidphillips-gi04-sanctuary.mp 1.801.03.07 15:51:20Brian David Phillips, Ph.D.Sanctuary2001Waking Dreams OneNone
Briandavidphillips-sgi18-alone.mp3 2.401.05.17 15:11:44Brian David Phillips, Ph.D.Alone by Jill Chen2001Waking Dreams Three, Student WNone0:09:24
Briandavidphillips-gi07-waterfalllig 1.801.03.07 15:51:22Brian David Phillips, Ph.D.Waterfall of Light2001Waking Dreams OneNone
Briandavidphillips-sgi16-fishtrans.m 15:10:56Brian David Phillips, Ph.D.Fish Transformation by Rebecca2001Waking Dreams Three, Student WNone0:08:26
Briandavidphillips-sgi19-wedding.mp3 2.301.05.17 15:12:04Brian David Phillips, Ph.D.Wedding Fantasy by Daphne Yeh2001Waking Dreams Three, Student WNone0:08:59
Darkkamelot01.mp3 1.602.10.13 09:15:17Brian David Phillips, Ph.D.Dark Kamelot One2002Stories for Listening and DiscPretty slow
Briandavidphillips-gi06-flowerfairy. 1.901.03.07 15:51:20Brian David Phillips, Ph.D.Adventure with the Flower Fair2001Waking Dreams OneNone
Briandavidphillips-gi03-wave.mp3 1.601.03.07 15:51:20Brian David Phillips, Ph.D.Wave2001Waking Dreams OneNone
Briandavidphillips-gi14-garbagecan.m 1.601.03.07 15:51:22Brian David Phillips, Ph.D.The Garbage Can2001Waking Dreams OneNone
Briandavidphillips-gi10-lotusflower. 15:51:20Brian David Phillips, Ph.D.Lotus Flower Meditation2001Waking Dreams OneNone
Briandavidphillips-gi05-desertisland 15:51:20Brian David Phillips, Ph.D.Friendship on a Desert Island2001Waking Dreams OneNone
Briandavidphillips-sgi12-livingroom. 15:13:00Brian David Phillips, Ph.D.The Living Room by Mandy Wang2001Waking Dreams Three, Student WNone0:07:46
Briandavidphillips-sgi21-dog.mp3 2.501.05.17 15:12:30Brian David Phillips, Ph.D.Dog by Frank Wang2001Waking Dreams Three, Student WNone0:09:53
Briandavidphillips-sgi07-templegodde 08:13:38Brian David Phillips, Ph.D.Temple of the Goddess by Louis2001Waking Dreams Two, Student Wor0:12:42
Briandavidphillips-sgi13-castlelove. 15:09:54Brian David Phillips, Ph.D.The Castle of Love by Mandy Wa2001Waking Dreams Three, Student WNone0:08:10
Briandavidphillips-gi12-masterteache 2.601.03.07 15:51:22Brian David Phillips, Ph.D.Master Teacher2001Waking Dreams OneNone
Briandavidphillips-sgi17-childplay.m 2.401.05.17 15:11:28Brian David Phillips, Ph.D.Childhood Playmate by Jennifer2001Waking Dreams Three, Student WNone0:09:39
Briandavidphillips-gi01-deeprelaxati 4.901.03.07 15:51:36Brian David Phillips, Ph.D.Deep Relaxation2001Waking Dreams OneNone
Briandavidphillips-gi02-microrelaxat 1.701.03.07 15:51:18Brian David Phillips, Ph.D.Micro Relaxation2001Waking Dreams OneNone
Briandavidphillips-gi08-myancestors. 15:51:20Brian David Phillips, Ph.D.My Ancestors2001Waking Dreams OneNone
Briandavidphillips-gi13-peaceshield. 15:51:20Brian David Phillips, Ph.D.Peace Shield2001Waking Dreams OneNone
Briandavidphillips-sgi04-magicboat.m 1.701.03.19 08:12:38Brian David Phillips, Ph.D.In a Magic Boat by Sherry Ma2001Waking Dreams Two, Student Wor0:06:46
Briandavidphillips-gi09-mydescendant 15:51:20Brian David Phillips, Ph.D.My Descendants2001Waking Dreams OneNone

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