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David Posey - Attitude Of Gratitude 5.801.07.24 03:01:00David poseyAttitude of gratitude1996-10-130:13:56 56S22
David Posey - When Good Snakes Becom 04:33:36David poseyWhen good snakes become bad sn1996-10-13
David Posey - A Strange Brew - 1996- 6.401.07.24 02:25:34David poseyA strange brew1996-10-17
David Posey - Will She Water The Cam 05:13:36David poseyWill she water the camels1996-10-13
David Posey - Three Tests Of Rightou 7.601.07.24 03:52:10David poseyThree tests of rightousness1996-10-14
Bearing Burdens.mp3 4.704.04.11 19:27:52David PoseyBurden Bearing20044-110:35:16 18M11
How Not To Raise A Fool 2.mp3 5.603.12.27 03:38:28David PoseyHow not to Breed a Fool Part 2200312/23/20030:42:10 18M11
The Key To Unity.mp3 04:59:25David PoseyThe Key To Unity2004mar 280:37:26 18M11
Sicknes_and_Death.mp3 4.404.03.22 06:16:09David Poseymp3maker_IN_2004_2-120040:33:17 18M11
How Not To Raise A Fool 5.mp3 5.704.03.22 06:05:45David Poseymp3maker_IN_2004_1-1120040:42:21 18M11
Disappointed.mp3 05:55:45David Poseydisappointed_2004_3-2120040:31:37 18M11
A City Full Of Idols.mp3 23:41:03David PoseyA City Full of Idols2004May 230:38:19 18M11
Aging Gracefully.mp3 5.604.05.09 02:57:42David Poseyaging gracefully2004May 20:41:40 18M11
What Did Jesus Do.mp3 6.504.03.22 06:45:22David PoseyThe Cross of Shame20040:48:11 18M11
How To Be A Great Dad.mp3 4.904.06.20 20:43:39David Poseyhow to be a great dad2004June 200:36:23 18M11
How Not To Raise A Fool 4.mp3 5.304.01.05 06:04:58David Poseymp3maker_IN_2004_1-420030:39:28 18M11
What A Friend.mp3 19:55:24David PoseyWhat A Friend200404180:38:21 18M11
The Primer On The Church Part 1.mp3 21:07:27David PoseyThe Primer On The Church - Par2004June 270:30:14 18M11
In The House Of Mourning.mp3 4.704.06.13 19:30:08David PoseyIn The House Of Mourning2004June 130:34:59 18M11
How Not To Raise A Fool 3.mp3 6.603.12.29 07:16:50David Poseymp3maker_IN_2003_12-2820030:49:26 18M11
To Young People.mp3 15:33:34David PoseyTo Young People200404-250:30:10 18M11
How Not To Raise A Fool 1.mp3 00:00:09David PoseyHow (not) to Breed a Fool20030:38:36 18M11
Mercies.mp3 4.704.05.30 21:06:45David Poseymercies2004may 300:35:19 18M11
Solomon's Follies.mp3 5.304.06.13 03:40:19David PoseySolomon's Follies2004June 60:39:27 18M11
The Priority Of Jesus.mp3 5.404.03.22 06:36:31David PoseyThe Priority of Jesus20040:40:05 18M11

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