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How to Get a Free MS Office 365? Www.Office.com/setup

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Csatlakozott: 2021.03.04. Csütörtök 14:20
Hozzászólások: 77

HozzászólásElküldve: Kedd. Aug. 03, 2021 12:22 pm    Hozzászólás témája: How to Get a Free MS Office 365? Www.Office.com/setup Hozzászólás az előzmény idézésével

Microsoft 365 is available for free one-month trial to anyone. If you don’t need the full Microsoft 365 suite, it is best to have access to a variety of online apps, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Subscriptions start from $70 or you can purchase a license for $150. Microsoft Office 365, now known as Microsoft 365, costs $70. These prices are not yours to pay, but don’t be alarmed.

It doesn’t matter if you use it on the move or on a PC. It doesn’t matter if you use it sparingly or for eight hours per day. Office 365 is available for free.

Microsoft Office online

Microsoft offers an online version of its popular Office apps for free to compete with Google’s productivity suite. You can access the Word, Excel and PowerPoint absolutely free online from any browser, whether you’re using a Chromebook, Windows PC or Mac.

While the core features are not as extensive as desktop applications, they can still be found. Office Online offers the Word editing and Excel functions in a web-based package.

Open Office.com, and sign in with your Microsoft account from your browser. You can either create a blank document or start a template. If you are working on a document already or have been given a document, you can upload it to Office Online.

Get Office 365 for Free - www.office.com/setup

If you need Microsoft Office for a short time (e.g., if college admissions are coming up in a few weeks), you can use the trial version of Microsoft Office. Register for the free trial at Microsoft Office.

While you can cancel your subscription at any time, you will need to present a credit card. This does not mean that you will be charged automatically. You can unsubscribe at any time and still use the trial for the remaining month.

The trial version of the Microsoft 365 Home Plan (previously called the Office 365 Home Plan) allows you to access the Microsoft 365 plan. Access to all Office 365 products, including Word, Excel PowerPoint, OneNote and Outlook, will be free of charge.

The desktop Office apps can be used offline after you sign up for Office 365. After your month ends, you can sign up again with another email address.

Mobile apps are free for Office 365

Microsoft Office is available for free on smartphones and tablets. If your device screen is smaller than 10.1 inches, you can edit Microsoft Office documents freely. This applies to Android tablets with a 10-inch screen and the 9.7-inch iPad tablets, but not the 10.2-inch 7th Generation iPad.

If your device is greater than 10.1 inches, you will need an Office 365 subscription.
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