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Noonelikeyou.mp3 0.903.03.03 19:21:04Jean Mancini GoughNo One Like You-Doldsmith/ZippWedding Demo0:01:01128S44
Atheistma.mp3 4.403.05.25 02:58:00Yoder, Mozart, and ManciniAtheistic MA2001MennoNightlineHope this is funny.0:10:32 56S22
Fabio_Mancini_-_Traffic.mp3 2.7Fabio ManciniTraffic0:02:49128S44
Henry Mancini - Exodus.mp3 3.803.02.10 19:31:42Exodus0:04:02128S44
Breakfast_at_Tiffany's_-_10_-_Henry_ 4.602.08.03 05:56:29Henry ManciniLoose Caboose1961Breakfast at Tiffany's
RebekahMontoya-TheLookOfLove.mp3 01:02:29Rebekah Montoya, Chuck ManciniThe Look of LoveMarch 2003 ive American MusicExcellent
Perfect.mp3 0.803.03.03 19:21:27Jean Mancini GoughO Perfect Love-FreedWedding Demo0:00:51128S44
Henry_Mancini-Charade-Main_Title.mp3 2.502.11.05 13:20:21Henry ManciniCharade (Main Title)Collection0:02:07160S44
Breakfast_at_Tiffany's_-_11_-_Henry_ 4.502.08.03 05:55:19Henry ManciniThe Big Heist1961Breakfast at Tiffany's
LordsPrayer.mp3 19:19:16Jean Mancini GoughThe Lord's Prayer-MallotteWedding Demo0:01:14128S44
Whither.mp3 0.803.03.03 19:21:52Jean Mancini GoughWhither Thou Goest-PeetersWedding Demo0:00:54128S44
RebekahMontoya-Corcovado.mp3 2.503.03.15 01:02:25Rebekah Montoya, Chuck ManciniCorcovadoMarch 2003 ive American MusicExcellent
Renodia_01_Theme_from_The_Pink_Panth 17:31:26Henry Mancini, Erich KunzelTheme from The Pink PantherMancini's Greatest Hits
Call1-8.mp3 1.703.03.03 19:18:41Jean Mancini GoughThe Call-R.Vaughan WilliamsWedding Demo0:01:51128S44
Mancini.07.mp3 1.802.07.07 14:59:550:01:53128S44
Conte.mp3 1.303.03.03 19:20:32Jean Mancini GoughCon Te Partiro(I'll Go With YoWedding Demo0:01:27128S44
Oranj Symphonette - Days Of Wine And 0.901.11.25 19:15:17Oranj SymphonetteThe Days Of Wine And Roses1996Plays ManciniVisit for0:00:57128S44
Henry Mancini - Romeo And Juliet Lov 2.402.05.17 13:34:02Henry ManciniRomeo and Juliet Themepiano0:02:34128S44
Angeleyes.mp3 19:19:52Jean Mancini GoughAngel Eyes-Brent/DennisWedding Demo0:01:19128S44
Waituntildark.mp3 1.502.01.27 21:56:31Henry ManciniWait Until Dark2001The Days Of Wine And Roses0:02:09 96S44
04_Mancini_Spectacular.mp3 9.401.01.19 23:32:530:07:50160S44
Henry_Mancini-Experiment_In_Terror.m 03:13:53Henry ManciniExperiment in TerrorUnknown Album0:02:19128S44
AveMaria.mp3 0.603.03.03 19:17:51Jean Mancini GoughAve Maria-SchubertWedding DemoNone0:00:42128S44
RebekahMontoya-ICantGiveYouAnythingB 1.803.03.15 01:02:26Rebekah Montoya, Chuck ManciniI Can't Give You Anything butMarch 2003 ive American MusicNone
Breakfast_at_Tiffany's_-_12_-_Henry_ 3.702.08.03 05:43:11Henry ManciniMoon River Cha Cha1961Breakfast at Tiffany's
Canton-lujon_spaceoid_mix.mp3 3.603.03.13 01:29:19CantonLujon (Mancini Spaceoid Remix)1999 bpm, ambient gro0:03:50128S44
(Jaggerz) - Live At Mancini's - With 8.303.07.28 01:09:57Jaggerz LIVE Mancini's 01 High2002James Faiella
Henry_Mancini-Charade.mp3 2.401.04.10 21:48:53Henry ManciniCharade (Vocal)1963The Best of Mancini0:02:34128S44
MANCINI_Days_of_Wine_and_Roses.mp3 02:10:05Henry ManciniDays of Wine and Roses1962Days of Wine and Roses0:02:09128S44
(Jaggerz) - Live At Mancini's - Geor 6.703.07.28 00:55:55Jaggerz LIVE Mancini's 28 Geor2002James Faiella
(Jaggerz) - Live At Mancini's - Ain' 4.803.07.28 00:37:34Jaggerz LIVE Mancini's 21 Ain'2002James Faiella
0011.mp3 2.603.01.09 12:12:14Henry ManciniThe Pink Panther0:02:45128S44
Heckmondwike Grammar School - Murder 1.803.03.19 17:42:00Heckmondwike Grammar SchoolMancini Magic - comp. H Manchi2003Murder Mystery Music0:03:54 64S44
Kereszt.mp3 2.603.04.25 16:12:41Henri ManciniThe Godfather, Love Theme1973DJ Gyuresz0:02:45128S44
02.doc 3.601.07.18 20:49:59Henri ManciniPeter Gunn Theme
(Jaggerz) - Live At Mancini's - Beca 00:43:38Jaggerz LIVE Mancini's 06 Beca2002James Faiella
Henry Mancini - Pink Panther Theme.m 2.403.05.14 12:33:47Henry ManciniPink Panther ThemeCouriered by Icingde0:02:35128S44
Henry_Mancini___A_Summer_Place.mp3 2.403.02.10 00:54:310:02:31128S44
Mancini_greatrace_overture_clip.mp3 0.603.10.02 01:39:26Henry ManciniOverture (clip)1965The Great Race0:00:41128S44
10-frosty The Snowman-henry Mancini. 2.302.12.25 11:12:48Henry ManciniFrosty The SnowmanQHenry Mancini-t0:02:28128S44
Mancini_arabesque_maintitle_clip.mp3 0.603.10.02 01:38:17Henry ManciniMain Title (clip)1966Arabesque0:00:41128S44
HMancini(inMemoriam).mp3 1.502.05.10 18:44:12Grupo de M sica InstrumentalMancini (in Memoriam)1999Grupo de M sica Instrumental0:03:38 56S22
Holly.mp3 1.602.01.27 21:48:24Henry ManciniHolly2001Untitled - Untitled (5)Made with RealJukebo0:03:21 64S22
Ennio Morricone And Nino Rota - The 3.701.11.11 17:57:14Henry ManciniNino Rota - The Godfather Walt2000Cinema Italiano - Music of Enn, AG# 1CA490300:03:51128S44
Waituntildark.mp3 1.502.01.27 21:56:31Henry ManciniWait Until Dark2001The Days Of Wine And Roses0:02:09 96S44
Henry_mancini.mp3 2.502.09.12 16:59:56Henry ManciniThe Pink Panther Theme0:02:38128S44
Moonriver.mp3 1.902.01.27 21:51:11Henry ManciniMoon River2001The Days Of Wine And Roses0:02:44 96S44
Henry Mancini - It Had Better Be Ton 1.602.05.25 16:20:56Henry ManciniIt Had Better Be TonightHenry Mancini - Pure GoldFrom The Pink Panther Movie0:01:44128S44
Frenchprovincial.mp3 1.502.01.27 21:47:21Henry ManciniFrench Provincial2001The Days Of Wine And Roses0:02:11 96S44

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