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Gd89-12-27d2t02_vbr.mp320.104.07.08 19:25:34Grateful DeadPlaying in the Band->1989-12-27 - Oakland-Alameda Cou0:20:59128S44
Gd89-04-28d1t01_vbr.mp3 9.604.07.08 20:58:05Grateful DeadCold Rain and Snow1989-04-28 - Irvine Meadows0:10:03128S44
Gd89-02-11d1t06_64kb.mp3 12:25:21Grateful DeadQueen Jane Approximately1989-02-11 - Great Western LA Fo0:06:44 64S22
Gd89-04-28d1t04_64kb.mp3 3.304.07.08 21:47:06Grateful DeadQueen Jane Approximately1989-04-28 - Irvine Meadows0:06:56 64S22
Gd89-04-09d1t01_64kb.mp3 08:46:03Grateful DeadHell In A Bucket1989-04-09 - Freedom Hall0:06:29 64S22
Gd89-04-28d2t04_vbr.mp3 2.604.07.08 20:07:30Grateful DeadPlaying in the Band->1989-04-28 - Irvine Meadows0:02:44128S44
Gd89-07-04d1t08_64kb.mp3 3.404.07.09 04:31:540:07:09 64S22
Gd89-03-27d1t05_64kb.mp3 3.904.07.08 11:29:46Grateful DeadQueen Jane Approximately1989-03-27 - The Omni0:08:12 64S22
Gd89-05-06d2t06_64kb.mp3 1.804.07.09 04:41:21Grateful DeadPlaying in the Band Jam >1989-05-06 - Frost Amphitheatre0:03:49 64S22
Gd89-07-04d2t04_64kb.mp3 03:16:06Grateful DeadPlaying in the Band Reprise->1989-07-04 - Rich Stadium0:02:29 64S22
Gd89-04-29d2t03_64kb.mp3 4.904.07.09 04:33:37Grateful DeadLooks Like Rain1989-04-29 - Irvine Meadows0:10:22 64S22
Gd89-04-29d2t03_vbr.mp314.504.07.09 05:15:26Grateful DeadLooks Like Rain1989-04-29 - Irvine Meadows
Gd89-07-04d3t03_64kb.mp3 2.804.07.09 01:58:45Grateful DeadAll Along The Watchtower->1989-07-04 - Rich Stadium0:05:51 64S22
Gd89-02-11d1t06_vbr.mp3 9.704.07.08 10:58:52Grateful DeadQueen Jane Approximately1989-02-11 - Great Western LA Fo0:10:10128S44
Gd89-08-19d2t03_vbr.mp311.304.07.13 20:38:01Grateful DeadPlayin' In The Band ->1989-08-19 - Greek Theatre, U. O0:11:48128S44
Gd89-04-06d1t1_vbr.mp310.104.07.09 08:34:49Grateful DeadTouch Of Gray1989-04-06 - Crisler Arena0:10:35128S44
Gd89-04-29d1t06_64kb.mp3 4.504.07.09 05:35:02Grateful DeadStuck Inside of Mobile With th1989-04-29 - Irvine Meadows0:09:28 64S22
Gd89-09-30d2t10_vbr.mp310.404.07.13 22:26:46Grateful DeadTouch of Gray1989-09-30 - Shoreline Amphithea0:10:51128S44
Gd89-08-19d3t03_vbr.mp313.304.07.13 21:42:20Grateful DeadWharf Rat ->1989-08-19 - Greek Theatre, U. O0:13:53128S44
Gd89-04-28d1t01_64kb.mp3 21:54:34Grateful DeadCold Rain and Snow1989-04-28 - Irvine Meadows0:06:43 64S22
Gd89-04-09d2t03_vbr.mp3 8.904.07.09 07:52:57Grateful DeadShip of Fools1989-04-09 - Freedom Hall0:09:22128S44
Gd89-05-06d3t09_vbr.mp310.604.07.09 04:57:09Grateful DeadBlack Muddy River1989-05-06 - Frost Amphitheatre0:11:06128S44
Gd89-05-06d2t01_vbr.mp3 8.604.07.09 04:25:13Grateful DeadLet The Good Times Roll1989-05-06 - Frost Amphitheatre0:09:00128S44
Gd89-07-12d2t03_vbr.mp314.504.07.13 17:51:20Grateful DeadShip Of Fool s>1989-07-12 - Robert F. Kennedy S0:15:09128S44
Gd89-08-19d3t04_vbr.mp313.704.07.13 21:58:51Grateful DeadNot Fade Away ->1989-08-19 - Greek Theatre, U. O0:14:17128S44
Gd89-08-19d2t03_64kb.mp3 3.704.07.13 21:48:17Grateful DeadPlayin' In The Band ->1989-08-19 - Greek Theatre, U. O0:07:42 64S22
Gd89-07-12d1t01_vbr.mp310.104.07.13 19:05:26Grateful DeadTouch of Grey1989-07-12 - Robert F. Kennedy S0:10:36128S44
Gd89-10-26d1t04_vbr.mp3 4.504.07.08 14:17:53Grateful DeadMe And My Uncle ->1989-10-26 - Miami Arena0:04:42128S44
Gd89-02-11d1t08_64kb.mp3 4.604.07.08 12:58:38Grateful DeadBird Song1989-02-11 - Great Western LA Fo0:09:39 64S22
Gd89-08-19d1t03_64kb.mp3 20:42:50Grateful DeadJack Straw1989-08-19 - Greek Theatre, U. O0:06:18 64S22
Gd89-05-06d3t05_64kb.mp3 05:18:34Grateful DeadI Need A Miracle >1989-05-06 - Frost Amphitheatre0:04:20 64S22
Gd89-04-29d3t02_vbr.mp3 4.804.07.09 04:00:48Grateful DeadI Will Take You Home->1989-04-29 - Irvine Meadows0:05:00128S44
Gd89-08-19d3t05_vbr.mp3 4.604.07.13 22:15:34Grateful DeadCrowd NFA chant ->1989-08-19 - Greek Theatre, U. O0:04:47128S44
Gd89-05-06d1t06_64kb.mp3 03:03:40Grateful DeadWest L.A. Fadeaway1989-05-06 - Frost Amphitheatre0:08:25 64S22
Gd89-07-04d2t03_64kb.mp3 4.304.07.09 04:22:49Grateful DeadShip of Fools->1989-07-04 - Rich Stadium0:09:05 64S22
Gd89-07-12d1t07_vbr.mp311.804.07.13 18:45:05Grateful DeadFriend of the Devil1989-07-12 - Robert F. Kennedy S0:12:17128S44
Gd89-05-06d2t02_vbr.mp310.104.07.09 04:38:53Grateful DeadHey Pocky Way1989-05-06 - Frost Amphitheatre0:10:33128S44
Gd89-07-12d2t05_64kb.mp3 18:56:45Grateful DeadEyes Of The World >1989-07-12 - Robert F. Kennedy S0:10:42 64S22
Gd89-08-19d1t09_64kb.mp3 2.404.07.13 20:39:11Grateful DeadBox Of Rain1989-08-19 - Greek Theatre, U. O0:05:01 64S22
Gd89-07-04d1t03_64kb.mp3 03:45:38Grateful DeadCold Rain and Snow1989-07-04 - Rich Stadium0:06:45 64S22
Gd89-05-06d3t07_vbr.mp3 5.904.07.09 04:29:14Grateful DeadAround and Around >1989-05-06 - Frost Amphitheatre0:06:10128S44
Gd89-07-12d1t05_vbr.mp3 8.304.07.13 18:03:43Grateful DeadFar From Me1989-07-12 - Robert F. Kennedy S0:08:40128S44
Gd89-08-19d1t05_64kb.mp3 4.704.07.13 22:03:35Grateful DeadTennessee Jed1989-08-19 - Greek Theatre, U. O0:09:59 64S22
Gd89-05-06d1t03_64kb.mp3 03:10:14Grateful DeadWalkin' Blues1989-05-06 - Frost Amphitheatre0:08:24 64S22
Gd89-05-06d2t03_64kb.mp3 04:47:22Grateful DeadSamson & Delilah >1989-05-06 - Frost Amphitheatre0:06:45 64S22
Gd89-12-27d1t01_64kb.mp3 3.804.07.08 20:41:31Grateful DeadCold Rain and Snow1989-12-27 - Oakland-Alameda Cou0:08:03 64S22
Gd89-08-19d2t06_64kb.mp3 1.904.07.13 21:46:33Grateful DeadDrums ->1989-08-19 - Greek Theatre, U. O0:03:59 64S22
Gd89-05-06d2t03_vbr.mp310.604.07.09 04:52:03Grateful DeadSamson & Delilah >1989-05-06 - Frost Amphitheatre0:11:04128S44
Gd89-04-29d1t06_vbr.mp314.104.07.09 04:17:40Grateful DeadStuck Inside of Mobile With th1989-04-29 - Irvine Meadows0:14:42128S44
Gd89-05-06d2t07_64kb.mp3 3.804.07.09 05:25:49Grateful DeadEyes of the World >1989-05-06 - Frost Amphitheatre0:08:05 64S22

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