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Gd94-11-29d3t05_64kb.mp3 3.604.05.30 12:33:27Grateful DeadIt's All Over Now, Baby Blue1994-11-29 - McNichols Sports Ar0:07:32 64S22
Gd94-11-30d1t07_vbr.mp3 13:22:33Grateful DeadMe And My Uncle >1994-11-30 - McNichols Sports Ar0:04:28128S44
Gd94-11-29d2t06_64kb.mp3 1.904.05.30 13:19:27Grateful DeadTomorrow Never Knows >1994-11-29 - McNichols Sports Ar0:04:09 64S22
Gd94-11-29d1t07_vbr.mp312.904.05.30 13:16:49Grateful DeadTennessee Jed1994-11-29 - McNichols Sports Ar0:13:30128S44
Gd94-11-29d2t01_64kb.mp3 0.504.05.30 12:52:17Grateful Deadnoodling1994-11-29 - McNichols Sports Ar0:01:05 64S22
Gd94-11-29d2t02_64kb.mp3 4.304.05.30 14:19:56Grateful DeadIko Iko1994-11-29 - McNichols Sports Ar0:09:00 64S22
Gd94-11-30d1t02_vbr.mp310.304.05.30 14:40:57Grateful DeadTouch Of Grey >1994-11-30 - McNichols Sports Ar0:10:48128S44
Gd94-11-29d1t03_64kb.mp3 2.904.05.30 13:00:16Grateful DeadPeggy-O >1994-11-29 - McNichols Sports Ar0:06:13 64S22
Gd94-11-29d3t03_64kb.mp3 4.904.05.30 14:02:47Grateful DeadStella Blue >1994-11-29 - McNichols Sports Ar0:10:18 64S22
Gd94-11-29d1t07_64kb.mp3 14:41:31Grateful DeadTennessee Jed1994-11-29 - McNichols Sports Ar0:08:37 64S22
Gd94-11-29d2t05_vbr.mp3 5.604.05.30 13:01:29Grateful DeadBaba O'Riley >1994-11-29 - McNichols Sports Ar0:05:53128S44
Gd94-11-29d1t02_vbr.mp312.604.05.30 14:00:08Grateful DeadJack Straw1994-11-29 - McNichols Sports Ar0:13:09128S44
Gd94-11-29d1t01_64kb.mp3 12:31:38Grateful Deadcrowd/tuning1994-11-29 - McNichols Sports Ar0:02:21 64S22
Gd94-11-29d1t04_vbr.mp310.104.05.30 12:31:01Grateful DeadWalkin' Blues1994-11-29 - McNichols Sports Ar0:10:33128S44
Gd94-11-29d2t01_vbr.mp3 1.604.05.30 14:07:16Grateful Deadnoodling1994-11-29 - McNichols Sports Ar0:01:44128S44
Gd94-11-29d1t02_64kb.mp3 3.804.05.30 13:54:42Grateful DeadJack Straw1994-11-29 - McNichols Sports Ar0:08:04 64S22
Gd94-11-30d2t03_vbr.mp310.704.05.30 14:00:13Grateful DeadSamba In The Rain1994-11-30 - McNichols Sports Ar0:11:12128S44
Gd94-11-30d2t03_64kb.mp3 3.304.05.30 13:11:17Grateful DeadSamba In The Rain1994-11-30 - McNichols Sports Ar0:07:02 64S22
Gd94-11-29d1t05_vbr.mp313.004.05.30 12:46:32Grateful DeadSo Many Roads1994-11-29 - McNichols Sports Ar0:13:36128S44
Gd94-11-29d1t05_64kb.mp3 13:48:43Grateful DeadSo Many Roads1994-11-29 - McNichols Sports Ar0:08:38 64S22
Gd94-11-30d2t02_64kb.mp3 4.404.05.30 14:34:12Grateful DeadVictim Or The Crime1994-11-30 - McNichols Sports Ar0:09:15 64S22
Gd94-11-30d2t02_vbr.mp313.804.05.30 13:49:45Grateful DeadVictim Or The Crime1994-11-30 - McNichols Sports Ar0:14:22128S44
Gd94-11-29d2t05_64kb.mp3 1.704.05.30 14:14:37Grateful DeadBaba O'Riley >1994-11-29 - McNichols Sports Ar0:03:43 64S22

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