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Who knew that Slam Dunk was so clairvoyant? It seemed harmless at the time, but this clip perfectly illustrates the current state of sneaker culture 20 years prior. Or at least the culture that the internet likes to perpetuate…
When talked about in the context of greatest manga series of all-time,cheap jordans for sale, Slam Dunk is among the elite tier,cheap retro jordans, praised for its cultural impact in Japan (the series is credited with helping popularize the game of basketball in Japan during the 1990s). While Slam Dunk might not have had the crossover success in the U.S. on the level of a Dragon Ball or Naruto, it retains a loyal fan base that includes more than a fair share of sneakerheads. How could you not love a series that uses basketball as the crux of a multi-layered story of love,cheap jordans online, friendship and drama? Oh, and the main character Hanamichi Sakuragi wears Air Jordan 6s and 1s through most of his uh,cheap jordans, career.
Apparently,, somebody at Jordan Brand was a fan of Slam Dunk because in 2014 they released an eponymous Air Jordan 6 in limited quantities. The red upper features reflective detailing that show off a collage of characters and scenes from the manga while Sakuragi’s jersey number can be found embroidered in the ankle area where you might have seen #23 in the past. We harp about how sometimes new releases come with loosely related stories that don’t really having anything to do with the shoe,cheap air jordans, but credit goes to Jordan Brand for actually making “storytelling” mean something in this case.
The Air Jordan 6 “Slam Dunk” comes from a pure place. Sure,cheap jordans free shipping, it always surprised me that Nike never took legal action and shut down series creator Takehiko Inoue for using their kicks (and other brands for that matter), but it ended being a fun footnote in the history of one of the most beloved and historically significant sneakers ever made. Those are the type of stories that Jordan Brand should be chasing; genuine moments that actually touched people and furthered their love of the brand even when they had no idea what a “brand” was. Take the Dunk From Above Air Jordan 4 and Air Jordan 5 Low that still sits on stores to this day. Their inspiration is taken from Michael Jordan’s ability to take flight or something. Great,cheap rea jordans, we know MJ can “fly” but what about those shoes say MJ can fly. On the other side of the storytelling spectrum are releases like the underrated Air Jordan 7 Sweater or the Air Jordan XX3 that are deep cuts in Jordan’s personal history. Obscure to be sure, but definitely real connection.



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