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Risk Michel.
Risk Chrisptophe.

File Size (Mbyte) Date/time Length (Hour, Min, Sec) Bitrate (kbps) Channel (mono/stereo) Sampling frequency
Risk.mp3 0.602.10.14 08:19:590:03:37 24M22
Lord.mp3 0.902.10.14 08:19:580:05:18 24M22
Mei Fei Se Wu.mp3 0.602.10.14 08:19:540:03:36 24M22
Girl.mp3 0.902.10.14 08:19:520:05:17 24M22
Eminem When.mp3 08:19:520:07:02 24M22
They Cant.mp3 0.502.10.14 08:19:590:03:08 24M22
Starwars.mp3 0.602.10.14 08:19:590:03:52 24M22
My Chemical Romance.mp3 08:19:560:05:40 24M22
And I Love Her.mp3 08:19:560:06:29 24M22
My Sweet Lord.mp3 0.902.10.14 08:19:530:05:32 24M22
Transporter2.mp3 1.302.10.14 08:19:540:07:22 24M22
Mei Fei Se Wu.mp3 1.502.10.14 08:19:550:08:40 24M22
And I Love Her.mp3 1.502.10.14 08:19:570:08:30 24M22
Birds Of Paradise.mp3 1.302.10.14 08:20:000:07:37 24M22
Pal.mp3 1.302.10.14 08:19:530:03:08 56M22
Simple Plan Perfect.mp359.303.12.08 12:03:001:01:51128S44
R E M.mp334.699.07.09 19:29:030:36:06128S44
2pac.mp3 0.703.09.16 19:00:010:01:28 64S22
Starwars.mp3 2.700.04.26 12:13:280:02:49128S44
Chrisptophe.mp3 3.899.05.24 02:12:230:04:00128S44
Chrisptophe.mp3 1.898.03.07 00:00:000:04:17 56M44

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Risk Nesko Kejdz.