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The_Dave_B_Trio_-_Flight_to_Cuba_Par 3.6The Dave B Trio!Flight to Cuba Part 2(The Don0:03:50128S44
GUB_Trio-Out_Of_My_Heart.mp3 15:52:41The G.U.B. TrioI Let A Song GoOut Of My Heart1999Something Differentfeat. Lydia van Dam0:02:09128S44
GUB_Trio-Sentimental_Mood.mp3 15:57:29The G.U.B. TrioIn A Sentimental Mood1999Something Differentfeat. Lydia van Dam0:02:16128S44
GUB_Trio-Caravan.mp3 2.401.01.30 15:48:02The G.U.B. TrioCaravan1999Something Differentfeat. Lydia van Dam0:02:33128S44
The_Dave_B_Trio_-_Flight_to_Cuba_Par 3.6The Dave B Trio!Flight to Cuba Part 2(The Don0:03:50128S44
Suicideisasolutions 4 Ki.mp3 0.600.11.19 02:49:35The Dave B TrioSuicide is a solutions 4 kids1998Tidbitswww.mp3.com/thedaveb0:00:39128S44
Novicane.mp3 4.300.11.19 01:13:09The Dave B TrioNovicane1998TidbitsCopyright 1998 THe D0:04:30128S44
KittyKatCreek.mp3 2.800.11.18 00:26:57The Dave B TrioKitty Kat Creek1999Tidbitscopyright 1996 The D0:02:57128S44
Make The Mexicans Pay.mp3 21:24:26The Dave B Triomake the mexicans pay2000www.mp3.com/thedaveb0:02:14128S44
TriptiphaneandAlcohol.mp3 5.300.11.19 05:33:06The Dave B TrioTriptiphane and Alcohol1998TidbitsCopyright 1998 The D0:05:33128S44
CreamySummer.mp3 3.900.11.18 00:25:27The Dave B TrioCreamy Summer1999Tidbitscopyright 1996 The D0:04:08128S44
Uni-MartSmut.mp3 4.700.11.19 06:17:23The Dave B TrioUni-Mart Smut1998TidbitsCopyright 1998 The D0:04:58128S44
SpaceMonkey.mp3 06:18:45The Dave B TrioSpace Monkey1995Tidbitswww.mp3.com/thedaveb0:06:18128S44
The Antichrist Of God.mp3 3.900.11.15 21:26:31THe Dave B TrioThe Antichrist of God2000Copyright 2000 The D0:04:04128S44
Tight Magazine.mp3 21:20:47The Dave B TrioTight Magazine2000Copyright 2000 The D0:03:21128S44
OjSimpson(The Juice Is Loo.mp3 5.400.11.19 01:14:12The Dave B TrioOj Simpson(The Juice is Loose)1994TidbitsCopyrigt 1994 The Da0:05:39128S44
The Unabridged History Of B.mp3 7.400.11.15 21:20:11The Dave B TrioThe Unabridged History of Bobo2000Copyright 2000 The D0:07:48128S44
Pandora's Requim.mp3 3.300.11.15 21:23:02The Dave B TrioPandora's Requim2000Copyright 2000 The D0:03:30128S44
CincoandDemio.mp3 3.800.11.18 00:24:44The Dave B TrioCinco and Demio1999Tidbitswww.thedavebtrio.com0:04:00128S44
Delta88.mp3 3.900.11.18 00:26:04The Dave B TrioDelta 881999Tidbitscopyright 1996 The D0:04:09128S44
Super Computer Island 2000.mp3 21:21:27The Dave B TrioSuper Computer Island 20001999Copyright 1999 The D0:03:17128S44
THe Donkeys Will Bite You.mp3 3.600.11.15 21:25:11The Dave B TrioTHe Donkeys Will Bite You2000www.mp3.com/thedaveb0:03:50128S44
CTSC.mp3 2.900.11.15 21:25:37The Dave B TrioCTSC2000Copyright 2000 The D0:03:04128S44
MonkeyBoy.mp3 4.800.11.19 01:12:30The Dave B TrioMonkey Boy1996Tidbitswww.thedavebtrio.com0:05:02128S44
OneeyedLady.mp3 06:18:00The Dave B TrioOne-eyed Lady1997TidbitsCopyright 1997 The D0:04:26128S44
Zaxxon.mp3 21:19:04The dave B Triozaxxon2000copyright 2000 The D0:03:24128S44
OhGrandfather.mp3 3.400.11.19 01:15:10The Dave B TrioOh Grandfather...1998TidbitsCopyright 1998 The D0:03:33128S44
InLovewithasheep.mp3 4.700.11.17 06:00:52The Dave B TrioIn Love with a sheep1995Tidbitswww.mp3.com/thedaveb0:04:58128S44
The_Dave_B_Trio_-_The_antichrist_of_ 3.904.04.24 14:45:40THe Dave B TrioThe Antichrist of God2000Copyright 2000 The D0:04:04128S44