Where do you live?

    I live in Budapest at …………. That is in 4th district in North-Budapest, near the Danube. This is a house with garden. We have a big dog who keep our house. In our garden are many trees, flowers, and grass. We are living here about 3 years. We live with our grandma (my fathers mam). In this house are two flats. Our flat has two rooms, a kitchen, a bathroom and hall. My grandma's flat has one room, a kitchen and a bathroom. I cleaning my room on saturdays. 3 years ago we were living at Káposztásmegyer in a flat with 3 rooms on 5th floor. In this house were 300 flats. We were nervous from our neighbours. We have also a house in country with 5 rooms, but it is very old about 20km far from Budapest. Now we build it since one year.