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There are a number of slotxo places where security personnel may prevent entry. In Pakistan, that location may be a hosiery shop. The combination of taboo and shortage of women ensures a comfortable, snug fit remains a reserve for the rich.

Fifteen months ago, Mark Moore found himself blocked by two men blocking the entrance to a stained glass shop in Islamabad. capital city of pakistan what do they ask Does he think he's going into a lingerie store?They let him go when Moore's friend lied that he was a diplomat who bought his wife underwear.

but in fact The Leicester-born businessman is conducting research which he hopes will help fulfill his mission - to bring high quality, affordable and comfortable underwear to Pakistani women.

The problem is that the security guard is just one of the obstacles in his a basic level It comes from the fact that men and women have very different ideas when it comes to underwear. and when it comes to men that usually means "Sexy and attractive," explains Moore.They talk and make decisions about laces and see-throughs, etc.,

while women want the comfort and reliabilitof the products they use.For most women in Pakistan - can't afford expensive imported stuff - comfort and reliability are what they only dream of. Most inexpensive options are known to have hooks on the rusty, sharp wire frame that come off to stimulate the wearer's skin.

“In the last 10 years I have never found the size or shape of a bra I wanted,” 27-year-old Hira Inam told the BBC as she stood outside the Anarkali market in Lahore. “Materials are usually not good. It constantly itches and in case of sweating, I get a rash around the cups due to the uncomfortable material.

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