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China accuses NATO of download slotxo android slandering peaceful development after coalition leaders warned about The "systemic challenge" coming from Beijing

action of china Including expanding nuclear arsenals, it threatens "rule-based international regulation," NATO said.It is the first time NATO has put China at the center of the agenda.

In response, China said its national defense policy was "Natural defense" and urged NATO "Spending more of their energy to promote dialogue"Our pursuit of defense and military modernization is reasonable, reasonable, open and transparent," China's mission to the EU said in a statement.

It added that NATO should look at China's development in "reasonable manner" and "stop using China's legitimate interests and rights as an excuse to manipulate the group's politics create a confrontation and ignite political competition NATO's statement came at the end of a one-day summit in Brussels on Monday

It was Joe's first NATO meeting. Biden as US President The powerful political and military alliance between 30 European and North American countries sees Russia as the main threat. Biden is scheduled to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin in Geneva on Wednesday.

Why is NATO interested in China?

According to the statement of the summit (Concluding Statement) "China's ambitions and uncompromising behavior show a systematic challenge to rules-based international regulation and areas related to the security of the alliance.We remain concerned about China's lack of transparency and frequent use of disinformation.

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