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Sierra - Cassima's Theme.mp3 2.802.06.25 22:55:47Mark Seibert (Sierra)Cassi,a's ThemeSierra Soundtrack Collection0:02:56128S44
Sierra - Longbow Opening 3.302.06.25 23:24:36Mark Seibert (Sierra)Longbow Opening SequenceSierra Soundtrack Collection0:03:27128S44
Sierra - The Magic Medow.mp3 3.702.06.25 23:39:48Mark Seibert (Sierra)The Magic MedowSierra Soundtrack CollectionNone0:03:54128S44
Sierra - Love Theme-Morning.mp3 3.402.06.25 23:28:20Mark Seibert (Sierra)Love Theme-MorningSierra Soundtrack Collection0:03:33128S44
Sierra - Graham's Theme.mp3 1.702.06.25 23:12:59Mark Seibert (Sierra)Graham's ThemeSierra Soundtrack Collection0:01:47128S44
Sierra - Crispin's Theme.mp3 4.602.06.25 23:01:00Mark Seibert (Sierra)Crispin's ThemeSierra Soundtrack Collection0:04:53128S44
Sierra - The Map, Hedgem Maze, Abbey 23:45:25Mark Seibert (Sierra)The Map, Hedgem Maze, Abbey, FSierra Soundtrack CollectionNone0:05:18128S44
Sierra - Police Quest II Theme.mp3 23:30:33Mark Seibert (Sierra)Police Quest II ThemeSierra Soundtrack Collection0:02:06128S44
Sierra - King's Quest V Theme.mp3 1.302.06.25 23:20:58Mark Seibert (Sierra)King's Quest V ThemeSierra Soundtrack Collection0:01:27128S44
Sierra - Girl In The Tower.mp3 4.402.06.25 23:07:13Mark Seibert (Sierra)Girl in the TowerSierra Soundtrack Collection0:04:37128S44
Sierra - KQ5 Closing Sequence.mp3 5.802.06.25 23:19:26Mark Seibert (Sierra)KQ5 Closing SequenceSierra Soundtrack Collection0:06:07128S44
Sierra - Battle Theme.mp3 22:46:48Mark Seibert (Sierra)Battle ThemeSierra Soundtrack CollectionNone0:01:14128S44
Sierra - The Dark Forest.mp3 2.602.06.25 23:35:41Mark Seibert (Sierra)The Dark ForestSierra Soundtrack Collection0:02:48128S44
Sierra - Camelot Credits.mp3 0.902.06.25 22:47:53Mark Seibert (Sierra)Camelot CreditsSierra Soundtrack Collection0:01:02128S44
Sierra - Whitney.mp3 1.902.06.25 23:47:32Mark Seibert (Sierra)WhitneySierra Soundtrack CollectionNone0:02:01128S44
Sierra - Quest For Glory Theme.mp3 0.902.06.25 23:31:34Mark Seibert (Sierra)Quest For Glory ThemeSierra Soundtrack Collection0:00:57128S44
Sierra - Glastonbury Tor The Mad Mon 3.502.06.25 23:11:05Mark Seibert (Sierra)Glastonbury Tor The Mad MonkSierra Soundtrack Collection0:03:42128S44
Sierra - Camelot Opening 22:52:34Mark Seibert (Sierra)Camelot Opening SequenceSierra Soundtrack Collection0:04:28128S44
Sierra - The Bandits.mp3 23:32:44Mark Seibert (Sierra)The BanditsSierra Soundtrack Collection0:01:06128S44
Sierra - FunkQ.mp3 23:02:22Mark Seibert (Sierra)FunkQSierra Soundtrack Collection0:01:17128S44
CamelotOpening.mp3 10:33:54Mark SeibertOpening Sequence1992Sierra Soundtrack CollectionConquests of Camelot0:04:27128S44
Whitney.mp3 1.900.06.14 10:58:29Mark SeibertWhitney1992Sierra Soundtrack CollectionCode-name: Iceman0:02:01128S44
FunkQ.mp3 15:23:25Mark SeibertFunkQ1992Sierra Soundtrack CollectionCopyright Sierra On-0:01:18128S44
Michael_white_and_friends_sundown_at 01:57:45Mark Seibert (Sierra)Camelot Opening SequenceSierra Soundtrack Collection0:04:28128S44
Michael_white_hail_mary.mp3 0.904.01.22 01:55:21Mark Seibert (Sierra)Camelot CreditsSierra Soundtrack Collection0:01:02128S44

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