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Withrussiafromlove.mp3 1.402.01.17 23:56:14Leonid Soybelman et alWith Russia From Love2001With Russia From Love0:01:33128S44
05.Asthmatic.mp3 1.701.05.02 19:56:36Leonid SoybelmanAsthmatic1998Surfing In My Bed0:02:58 80S22
11.At The Dentist.mp3 0.801.05.02 19:56:50Leonid SoybelmanAt The Dentist1998Surfing In My Bed0:01:21 80S22
03.Buddy's Work I.mp3 19:56:27Leonid SoybelmanBuddy's Work I1998Surfing In My Bed0:03:28 80S22
12.Paris-Textus Receptus.mp3 19:56:52Leonid SoybelmanParis-Textus Receptus1998Surfing In My Bed0:01:53 80S22
01.Against Woolen Blankets.mp3 1.401.05.02 19:56:19Leonid SoybelmanAgainst Woolen Blankets1998Surfing In My Bed0:02:27 80S22
13.Les Vaches.mp3 2.901.05.02 19:56:57Leonid SoybelmanLes Vaches1998Surfing In My Bed0:04:55 80S22
04.Buddy's Work II.mp3 2.601.05.02 19:56:32Leonid SoybelmanBuddy's Work II1998Surfing In My Bed0:04:21 80S22
08.Yours I.mp3 0.801.05.02 19:56:46Leonid SoybelmanTrack 81998Surfing In My Bed0:01:20 80S22
06.Itch I.mp3 2.301.05.02 19:56:40Leonid SoybelmanItch I1998Surfing In My Bed, AG# 2CD015000:03:52 80S22
07.Itch II.mp3 2.701.05.02 19:56:45Leonid SoybelmanYours I1998Surfing In My Bed0:04:39 80S22
02.In 350 Hz.mp3 2.301.05.02 19:56:23Leonid SoybelmanIn 350 Hz1998Surfing In My Bed0:03:53 80S22
14.Les Bateaux.mp310.301.05.02 19:57:18Leonid SoybelmanLes Bateaux1998Surfing In My Bed0:17:12 80S22
05.Titled 1 Remix.mp3 19:55:53Leonid SoybelmanTitled 1 remix1998Much Ado About Burt Bacharach'0:04:26 96S44
07.Titel 'lauf Vorbei'.mp3 19:56:06Leonid SoybelmanTitel 'lauf vorbei'1998Much Ado About Burt Bacharach'0:06:58 96S44
04.Titled 3.mp3 2.701.05.02 19:55:47Leonid Soybelmantitled 41998Much Ado About Burt Bacharach'0:03:48 96S44
01.Untitled.mp3 0.501.05.02 19:55:32Leonid Soybelmanuntitled1998Much Ado About Burt Bacharach'0:00:45 96S44
03.Titled 2.mp3 2.501.05.02 19:55:43Leonid Soybelmantitled 21998Much Ado About Burt Bacharach'0:03:29 96S44
08.Titled 4.mp3 4.701.05.02 19:56:15Leonid Soybelmantitled 41998Much Ado About Burt Bacharach'0:06:34 96S44
06.Intitule 'passe Ton Chemin'.mp3 1.901.05.02 19:55:57Leonid SoybelmanIntitule 'passe ton chemin'1998Much Ado About Burt Bacharach'0:02:40 96S44
02.Titled 1.mp3 3.401.05.02 19:55:39Leonid Soybelmantitled 11998Much Ado About Burt Bacharach'0:04:47 96S44

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