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Goldsmith_Alien_sbcd2_14_The_Shaft_P 3.804.02.29 05:08:12Jerry Goldsmith - Alien (SpanishDisc2-14- The Shaft, Part 2Alien (Spanish Limited Edition
Goldsmith_Alien_sbcd2_13_The_Shaft_P 2.804.02.29 05:03:58Jerry Goldsmith - Alien (SpanishDisc2-13- The Shaft, Part 1Alien (Spanish Limited Edition
Goldsmith_Alien_sbcd1_08_Face_Hugger 4.504.02.29 02:21:09Jerry Goldsmith - Alien (SpanishDisc1-08- Face HuggerAlien (Spanish Limited Edition
Goldsmith_Alien_sbcd1_20_Parkers_and 2.704.02.29 03:06:04Jerry Goldsmith - Alien (SpanishDisc1-20- Parker & Lamberts DeAlien (Spanish Limited Edition 02:08:06Jerry Goldsmith - Alien (SpanishDisc1-05- DerelictAlien (Spanish Limited Edition
Goldsmith_Alien_sbcd1_07_The_Egg_Cha 3.404.02.29 02:16:01Jerry Goldsmith - Alien (SpanishDisc1-07- The Egg ChamberAlien (Spanish Limited Edition
Goldsmith_Alien_sbcd1_15_Charcots_Sh 7.504.02.29 02:49:25Jerry Goldsmith - Alien (SpanishDisc1-15- Charcots Show (Del FAlien (Spanish Limited Edition
Goldsmith_Alien_sbcd1_25_Sinfonia_nr 03:23:19Jerry Goldsmith - Alien (SpanishDisc1-25- Sinfona N 2 The RomaAlien (Spanish Limited Edition
Goldsmith_Alien_sbcd2_21_The_Alien_S 7.804.02.29 05:42:42Jerry Goldsmith - Alien (SpanishDisc2-21- The AlAlien (Spanish Limited Edition
Goldsmith_Alien_sbcd1_22_I_Got_You.m 2.804.02.29 03:11:06Jerry Goldsmith - Alien (SpanishDisc1-22- I Got You!Alien (Spanish Limited Edition
Goldsmith_Alien_sbcd2_04_The_Jockey_ 3.604.02.29 04:39:12Jerry Goldsmith - Alien (SpanishDisc2-04- The Jockey (Versin 2Alien (Spanish Limited Edition
Goldsmith_Alien_sbcd1_06_The_Jockey. 3.504.02.29 02:12:07Jerry Goldsmith - Alien (SpanishDisc1-06- The JockeyAlien (Spanish Limited Edition
Goldsmith_Alien_sbcd2_09_Back_to_The 1.604.02.29 04:53:00Jerry Goldsmith - Alien (SpanishDisc2-09- Back To The NostromoAlien (Spanish Limited Edition
Goldsmith_Alien_sbcd2_20_End_Titles. 4.504.02.29 05:33:58Jerry Goldsmith - Alien (SpanishDisc2-20- End TitlesAlien (Spanish Limited Edition
Goldsmith_Alien_sbcd1_24_Breakaway.m 03:18:46Jerry Goldsmith - Alien (SpaniDisc1-24- BreakawayAlien (Spanish Limited Edition
Goldsmith_Alien_sbcd2_03_ Derelict_v 2.504.02.29 04:35:02Jerry Goldsmith - Alien (SpanishDisc2-03- Derelict (Versin 2)Alien (Spanish Limited Edition
Goldsmith_Alien_sbcd2_18_Breakaway_S 4.604.02.29 05:26:05Jerry Goldsmith - Alien (SpanishDisc2-18- Breakaway - SigningAlien (Spanish Limited Edition
Goldsmith_Alien_sbcd1_12_Ejecting_Ka 2.704.02.29 02:37:45Jerry Goldsmith - Alien (SpaniDisc1-12- Ejecting Kane s BodyAlien (Spanish Limited Edition
Goldsmith_Alien_sbcd1_09_Main_Title_ 4.804.02.29 02:26:37Jerry Goldsmith - Alien (SpanishDisc1-09- Main Title (Del FilmAlien (Spanish Limited Edition
Goldsmith_Alien_sbcd2_05_The_Jockey_ 3.604.02.29 04:43:17Jerry Goldsmith - Alien (SpanishDisc2-05- The Jockey (Versin 3Alien (Spanish Limited Edition
Goldsmith_Alien_sbcd1_21_The_Corrido 1.604.02.29 03:07:53Jerry Goldsmith - Alien (SpanishDisc1-21- The CorridorAlien (Spanish Limited Edition
Goldsmith_Alien_sbcd2_12_Looking_for 1.404.02.29 05:00:47Jerry Goldsmith - Alien (SpanishDisc2-12- Looking For The FaceAlien (Spanish Limited Edition
Goldsmith_Alien_sbcd1_04_The_Landing 6.504.02.29 02:04:34Jerry Goldsmith - Alien (SpanishDisc1-04- The LandingAlien (Spanish Limited Edition
Goldsmith_Alien_sbcd1_18_The_Droid_P 1.804.02.29 02:59:25Jerry Goldsmith - Alien (SpanishDisc1-18- The Droid, Part 2Alien (Spanish Limited Edition
Goldsmith_Alien_sbcd2_10_Face_Hugger 4.504.02.29 04:58:07Jerry Goldsmith - Alien (SpanishDisc2-10- Face Hugger (VersinAlien (Spanish Limited Edition
Goldsmith_Alien_sbcd2_11_Acid_Test.m 0.904.02.29 04:59:11Jerry Goldsmith - Alien (SpanishDisc2-11- Acid TestAlien (Spanish Limited Edition
Goldsmith_Alien_sbcd1_19_The_First_S 03:03:03Jerry Goldsmith - Alien (SpanishDisc1-19- The First Step (DelAlien (Spanish Limited Edition
Goldsmith_Alien_sbcd2_08_The_Egg_ver 2.304.02.29 04:51:10Jerry Goldsmith - Alien (SpanishDisc2-08- The Egg (Versin 2)Alien (Spanish Limited Edition
Goldsmith_Alien_sbcd1_23_The_Shuttle 4.604.02.29 03:16:18Jerry Goldsmith - Alien (SpanishDisc1-23- The ShuttleAlien (Spanish Limited Edition
Goldsmith_Alien_sbcd1_11_Serenata_no 5.604.02.29 02:34:42Jerry Goldsmith - Alien (SpanishDisc1-11- Serenata N 13 Eine KAlien (Spanish Limited Edition
Goldsmith_Alien_sbcd1_02_Main_Title_ 01:51:27Jerry Goldsmith - Alien (SpaniDisc1-02- Main Title - The NosAlien (Spanish Limited Edition
Goldsmith_Alien_sbcd1_13_Search.mp3 1.504.02.29 02:39:29Jerry Goldsmith - Alien (SpaniDisc1-13- SearchAlien (Spanish Limited Edition
Goldsmith_Alien_sbcd1_16_Desperate_C 02:55:12Jerry Goldsmith - Alien (SpanishDisc1-16- Desperate Case (DelAlien (Spanish Limited Edition
Goldsmith_Alien_sbcd2_19_Signing_Off 2.504.02.29 05:28:55Jerry Goldsmith - Alien (SpanishDisc2-19- Signing OffAlien (Spanish Limited Edition
Goldsmith_Alien_sbcd2_02_Hypersleep_ 04:32:05Jerry Goldsmith - Alien (SpanishDisc2-02- Hypersleep (Versin 2Alien (Spanish Limited Edition
Goldsmith_Alien_sbcd1_03_Hypersleep. 01:56:25Jerry Goldsmith - Alien (SpaniDisc1-03- HypersleepAlien (Spanish Limited Edition
Goldsmith_Alien_sbcd2_16_Detonation_ 3.404.02.29 05:15:48Jerry Goldsmith - Alien (SpanishDisc2-16- Detonation SequenceAlien (Spanish Limited Edition
Goldsmith_Alien_sbcd1_14_Bretts_Demi 1.304.02.29 02:41:02Jerry Goldsmith - Alien (SpanishDisc1-14- Bretts DemiseAlien (Spanish Limited Edition
Goldsmith_Alien_sbcd2_07_The_Egg.mp3 1.504.02.29 04:48:35Jerry Goldsmith - Alien (SpaniDisc2-07- The EggAlien (Spanish Limited Edition
Goldsmith_Alien_sbcd2_15_The_Droid_P 3.304.02.29 05:11:55Jerry Goldsmith - Alien (SpanishDisc2-15- The Droid, Part 1Alien (Spanish Limited Edition
Goldsmith_Alien_sbcd2_06_The_Egg_Cha 04:46:52Jerry Goldsmith - Alien (SpaniDisc2-06- The Egg Chamber (VerAlien (Spanish Limited Edition
Goldsmith_Alien_sbcd2_01_Main_Title_ 04:27:28Jerry Goldsmith - Alien (SpanishDisc2-01- Main Title - The NosAlien (Spanish Limited Edition
Goldsmith_Alien_sbcd2_17_The_Shuttle 4.504.02.29 05:20:51Jerry Goldsmith - Alien (SpanishDisc2-17- The Shuttle (VersinAlien (Spanish Limited Edition
Goldsmith_Alien_sbcd1_17_Search_ver2 1.804.02.29 02:57:18Jerry Goldsmith - Alien (SpanishDisc1-17- Search (Versin 2)Alien (Spanish Limited Edition
Goldsmith_Alien_sbcd1_10_Studys.mp3 1.504.02.29 02:28:25Jerry Goldsmith - Alien (SpanishDisc1-10- StudysAlien (Spanish Limited Edition

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