My name is Irén Gallai. 37 years ago when I was a child, after long implorations I've got from my parents a poodle. I can affirm that since that time I've became "engaged" with the poodles. Züzüke stayed with us for 16.5 years.

In 1988 we've got a brown poodle named Jenny, 6 years later we've brought Ali, same color and same big size. Despite to our deep regret, Jenny passed away in November 2005 at the age of 17.5; Ali left us at the age of 14 in September 2007.

We've been sure that we are going to acquire a dog and that it will be a poodle, also that we would like to have it in the spring of the year 2008. Suddenly we've got a lot of spare time. We were visiting dog-shows, gleaning also on the internet. In the middle of November I was visiting the Gryffindor kennel next to Vienna, there I've met Jeremiás, he was two months old and really cute, it was love at first sight! I've got him home on that very day. In the morning when I left I wouldn't believe that I'll have a dog on the same day! On my way back (to Budapest) I was calling all my friends to share the news, but no surprise, everybody knew that I will not return home without a dog!

Jeremiás was born on the 20th of March 2007, he's a grey/silver poodle. He's a very well balanced and a well built-up dog having a good nervous system. He likes very much to play, even during the walk he would play with butterflies, but he's also able to work seriously if that's the task. He became the pet of the family but also the favourite of all our friends. He's wheedling anyone with his loveliness, playfulness and tranquility. In my opinion he's having a very positive irradiance, which can be expressed briefly: that's ... Jeremiás! ...