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Traveller Elementary and Pre-Intermediate

Final exam topics

/Form 9/

1. Me, myself and I (EL/Module 1 + PI/Module 1e; WB: 1e/C)

  • Introduce yourself (name / job / address / telephone number / e-mail address)

  • Describe your personality and abilities

  • Talk about your favourite things

2. Daily routine (EL/Module 2a)

  • Describe your routine on weekdays

  • Compare your weekdays and weekends

3. Free-time activities (EL/Module 2c, d, e + PI/Module 1c; 6c, d, e)

  • Talk about popular activities for young people in your country

  • Talk about your likes and dislikes

  • Describe how often you do things

  • Talk about your favourite place of entertainment / show / film

4. Your neighbourhood and your house/flat (EL/Module 3c, e and WB: 3c/D, E and WB: 3e/A, B)

  • Describe the town/village where you live

  • Talk about the buildings/facilities in your neighbourhood

  • Talk about your house/flat

  • Describe your bedroom and your favourite room

5. Weather and seasons in Hungary (EL/Module 3d)

  • Talk about the weather in the different seasons

  • Describe the activities you do at different times of the year

6. Your eating habits (EL/Module 4b)

  • Talk about your meals

  • Describe how healthy your diet is

  • Explain the importance of fruit and vegetables in your diet

7. Health and illnesses / keeping fit (EL/Module 4e and WB: 4e/C + PI/Module 5a, c;

  • Describe how healthy you are

  • Explain why it is important to keep fit and describe different ways

  • Talk about the last time you were ill

8. How was your holiday? (EL/Module 5c)

  • Talk about your last year’s holiday and give details

  • Say where you went and what you did there / who you went with and where you stayed / how long you stayed there and if you had a good time

  • Talk about the weather

9. Special events and special days (EL/Module 6c, e)

  • Talk about a special event that takes place in your country

  • Describe how you celebrate one of your special days (birthday; New Year’s Eve, etc.)

10. Friendly faces (EL/Module 7b, e; WB: 7e/C + PI/Module 1e; WB: 1e/A)

  • Describe your best friend’s appearance

  • Talk about his/her character

  • Say what makes him/her a good friend

11. Exciting places (EL/Module 8d; WB: 8d/A, B + PI/Module 3d, e; WB: 3e/A, B)

  • Talk about a country/place you are interested in

  • Explain why you would like to visit it

12. Technology and keeping in touch (PI/Module 1b; 4e)

  • Describe modern ways of communication today

  • Talk about the advantages and disadvantages of computers

  • Talk about the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones


Traveller Elementary and Pre-Intermediate

Final exam roleplays

/Form 9/

1. Pleasure to meet you (EL/Module 1a + WB: 1a / A; E + WB: 1c / C)

  • You meet a nice boy/girl at a party and you start talking. Ask for and give personal

2. First day at Kazinczy School (EL/Module 2b)

  • A: You meet a new student at school and show him/her around.

  • B: You are a new student at school and ask for help.

3. Life changes (EL/Module 3a + p47/H+ WB: 3a / E)

  • A: You meet a friend and tell him/her about your big news.

  • B: You meet a friend, respond to his/her big news and ask him/her questions.

4. Booking a hotel room (PI/Module 3c)

  • A: You are the receptionist at the hotel.

  • B: You are a guest making a reservation on the phone.

5. What’s on the menu? (EL/Module 4a + p61/G.1. + WB: 4a / D)

  • A: You are a waiter/waitress at Poppy’s restaurant. Take your partner’s order.

  • B: You are at Poppy’s Restaurant. Decide what you want and give the waiter/waitress the

6. At the doctor’s (EL/Module 4d + p61/G.2. + WB: 4d / A; D + PI/Module 5a)

  • A: You are at the doctor’s because you have had an accident / you don’t feel very well. Tell the doctor about your problem and answer his/her questions.

  • B: You are a doctor. Listen to the patient, ask him/her questions and finally give some

7. Giving directions (EL/Module 7)

  • A: You are a tourist in Győr/Bp. etc. and you want to get to a place. Ask for directions.

  • B: You are a resident of Győr/Bp. etc. Give your partner directions.

8. Making a complaint (PI/Module 3c)

  • A: You are a guest at a hotel/restaurant. Complain about something.

  • B: You are a receptionist/waiter/waitress. Deal with the guest’s complaint.

9. A perfect fit (EL/Module 7a + p103/G + Pairwork activity pp122/125 + WB: 7a / D)

  • A: You are in a clothes shop and you want to buy some clothes. Decide what items and colours you want.

  • B: You are a shop assistant in a clothes shop. Offer your help to the customer and help him/her during the shopping.

10. What’s up? A night out (EL/Module 1d + p89/ Speak+ PI/Module 1a + PI/WB: 1a /A)

  • Ring your partner and discuss your plans for today/tonight.

11. What’s your destination? (PI/Module 3a + WB: 3a / D)

  • A: You are a passenger and want to check in for your flight.

  • B: You are a check-in clerk at an airport. Help B to check in.

12. A word of advice (PI Module 5C / Speaking + WB: 47/A C)

  • A: Imagine you have a problem (physical or psychological). Tell Student B how you feel and ask him/her for advice.

  • B: Listen to Student A’s problem and give him/her advice.



Traveller Elementary and Pre-Intermediate

Final exam topics

/Form 7/

Books to use: To the Top 1 = B1;  To the Top 2 = B2;

Workbooks to use: To the Top: WB1; WB2

1. Personal Data - What do you look like? / What are you like? / What are your

2. Family - Have you got any brothers or sisters?

3. Housing: my home - Describe your home. / What is your favourite room? / Why?

4. My best friend - What is he /she like? / What does he / she look like?

5. My school - What is your school like?

6. Free time - How do you spend your spare time? / What are your hobbies?

7. Daily routine - on weekdays and at weekends

8. Health and eating habits - What do you do to be in a good condition? Do you do any sports? / What are your eating habits?

9. Computers and the Internet - Are computers important in our lives? /What do you use the computer for?

10. Save our Planet:       A) Environmental protection - How green are you?

                                    B) Animals in danger - Why are some species of animals in danger?


Traveller Elementary and Pre-Intermediate

Final exam roleplays

/Form 7/

Books to use: To the Top 1 = B1;  To the Top 2 = B2;

Workbooks to use: To the Top: WB1; WB2

1. Organising a party- B1 / p.77, 78; WB1 / p.59, 61

2. Organising a day out- B2 / p.58, 116; WB2 / p.43

3. Shopping (for presents)- B2 / p.76; WB2 / pp. 58-59

4. Eating out- B1 / pp. 65-67, 94-95, 122; WB1 / Module 1

5. Giving directions- B2 / pp. 38-39; WB2 / p.28; (Map)

6. Show your friend around your flat/ house- B1 / p. 52; WB1 / pp.38-41.

7. Holiday- B1 / p. 90, 98-99; B2 / pp. 44-45, 70; WB1 / pp. 71-72

8. A visit to Budapest / Győr- pages from role-play 7, B2 / p. 115/Ex.3

9. What’s wrong with you?- B2 / pp. 88-89, 98/G WB2 / pp. 66-67

10. What’s on? What to watch on TV?- B2 / p. 100; WB2 / pp. 76-77


Exam Roleplays 2011-2012

/Form 7/

Books to use: To the Top 1 = B1;  To the Top 2 = B2;

Workbooks to use: To the Top: WB1; WB2

1. Organising a party B1 / p.77, 78;     WB1 / p.59, 61.

2. Organising a day out B2 / p.58, 116;     WB2 / p.43.

3. Shopping (for present) B2 / p.76;     WB2 / pp58-59.

4. Eating out B1 / pp.65-67, 122;     WB1 / Module 5, p.51;     Menu

5. Giving directions B2 / pp.38-39;     WB2 / p.28, p.35;     Map(Győr)

6. Show your new flat/house around B1 / p.51;     WB1 / pp.38-41.

7. Holiday B1 / p.90, 98-99;     B2 / pp.44-45, 70-71;     WB1 / pp.71-72;

8. A visit to Budapest pages from roleplay 7, B2 / p.115/Ex.3

9. Speaking about an accident B2 / p.24, 25, 32;     WB2 / p.19/D;

10. Ordering food B1 / p.65;     WB1 / p. 49/E.

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