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DNC4 NY Rep Louise Slaughter.mp3 6.804.08.02 15:13:020:07:08128S44
DNC4 Gen Wesley Clark.mp3 3.804.08.02 15:26:50Gen Wesley ClarkDemocratic National Convention2004
DNC4 Willie Nelson.mp3 2.604.08.02 15:32:47Willie Nelson - Living In TheDemocratic National Convention20040:02:46128S44
DNC4 Madeline Albright.mp3 3.304.08.02 15:30:42Madeline AlbrightDemocratic National Convention20040:18:28 24S22
DNC4 VA Gov Mark Warner.mp3 15:20:570:05:17128S44
DNC4 Heinz And Kerry Kids.mp3 15:19:05Heinz-Kerry KidsDemocratic National Convention20040:10:46 64S44
DNC4 NAACP Pres Kweisi Mfume.mp3 15:10:310:08:30128S44
DNC4 The 44th President John Kerry.m17.004.07.30 05:27:01
DNC4 DC Del Eleanor Holmes Norton.mp 15:22:270:04:17128S44
DNC4 MA Rep Ed Markey.mp3 1.604.08.02 15:35:00Rep Ed MarkeyDemocratic National Convention2004D - MA
DNC4 CT Sen Joe Lieberman.mp3 3.404.08.02 15:29:29Sen Joe LiebermanDemocratic National Convention2004D - CT
DNC4 MA Rep Barney Frank.mp3 5.304.08.02 15:17:080:05:32128S44
DNC4 CO Rep Mark Udall.mp3 2.904.08.02 15:31:480:03:04128S44
DNC4 CA Rep Millender-McDonald.mp3 1.904.08.02 15:34:22Rep Millender-McDonaldsDemocratic National Convention2004D-CA0:02:16112S44
DNC4 CA Rep Nancy Pelosi.mp3 3.704.08.02 15:28:14Rep Nancy PelosiDemocratic National Convention2004D - CA
DNC4 Jim Rassman.mp3 15:35:22Jim RassmanDemocratic National Convention20040:01:40 80S44
DNC4 AFL-CIO Pres John Sweeney.mp3 2.404.08.02 15:33:40John SweeneyDemocratic National Convention2004AFL-CIO President
DNC4 DE Sen Joseph Biden.mp3 15:23:58Sen Joseph BidenDemocratic National Convention2004D - DE
DNC4 Max Cleeland.mp3 3.904.08.02 15:25:24Max CleelandDemocratic National Convention2004
DNC4 SC Rep James Clyburn.mp3 5.804.08.02 15:15:110:06:08128S44

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