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Last updated 8th April, 2009

Firstly, let me introduce myself. My name is SZABOLCS KÁROLY, but my friends call me just SABEE. I am 24 years old.

I am fond of:
- music: TRANCE or kind of music that you can dance to;
- trains;
- computers, informatics, mainly PC-games: strategy, simulators, car racing;
- cars;
- kits, but recently I am too lazy to do this;
- mobile phones;
- and of course Formula-1, which would be much more boring without the Hungarian commentator László Palik. :-)

My web site is about these things, so if you are interested in these topics, just browse this site.
This site is still under construction and updating, that's why it is not too big yet, but hopefully I can fill it with some other interesting topics in the future.

My particulars in brief:

I was born 18/12/1984, Miskolc, Hungary.
I live in Legyesbénye, Hungary, Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén (B-A-Z or BAZ for short) county.
I am 165 cm tall, have short brown hair and brown eyes. I am approx. 50 kg.
I am a student of the Faculty of Arts of the University of Debrecen, Hungary. My major is English Language and Literature, Bachelor of Arts (BA), second year<; my minor is Finnish Language and Literature. I am before graduating at the Faculty of Arts of the West-Hungarian University (former Dániel Berzsenyi College) in Szombathely, Hungary. I study Communication and Science of Media with Journalism branch there.
I like travelling, taking photos about trains and locomotives, having a good time with my friends, talking with them, talking on chat programs on the Internet, writing lyrics in English (you can read some of them if you click on 'Lyrics' on the Menu), mixing music by computer (I have already made some good mix-albums), writing music by music composer.
I also like foreign languages, but I don't like learning them so much. I have an Intermediate State Qualification in English language. I also have some years' experience in German language, and now also in Finnish language. I can also communicate in Estonian language a bit, but just in writing. I learned French language too in a course, but just for some months and with few success.

My favourite:

- car brands: Volvo, SAAB, Audi
- mobilephone brands: Sony-Ericsson, Nokia
- food: I am keen on Hungarian cuisine and Hungarian dishes, for example stewed beef and poultry gizzard stew with any kind of noodles or dumpling and with sour cream, Goulash soup, Hungarian Fish Soup, Hungarian meatball; some Italian food like pizza, Bolognese spaghetti, Milanese macaroni, Minestrone-soup; and some other food like fruit soup, pancakes, cheese-stuffed turkeymeat with chips, cauliflower soup, broccoli soup.
- cakes: 'Four Season' bar, pudding based cakes, mashed chestnut with whipped cream, floating islands
- soft drinks: still mineral water, peach juice with fibre, multivitamin-juices, ice tea
- alcoholic drinks: (I rarely drink alcoholics) Bacardi Breezer, Tokay (white wine made from selected noble rot grapes, named after the historically famous Hungarian small town Tokaj)
- countries: Hungary, Australia, Bulgaria
- places: Debrecen (the second biggest town in Hungary), mountains (and every place that is close to some railroads)
- movie: The Lord of The Rings-trilogy; Asterix & Obelix - Mission Cleopatre; Purple Rivers; The Transporter; The Chronicles of Narnia - The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe; Minority Report; Kontroll (='Control') (Hungarian); I, Robot; The Time Machine; Wild Hogs; Collateral; The Dragonfly; Pirates of The Caribbean - The Curse of The Black Pearl; Mrs. Doubtfire; Taxi-movies; Mr. & Mrs. Smith
- series: Criminal Minds; Supernatural; Alarm für Cobra 11 (='Alarm For Cobra 11') (German action series about the German motorway police); Die Clown (='The Clown') (German action series); Barátok Közt (='Among Friends') (Hungarian soap opera); Kisváros (='Small Town') (Hungarian crime series); Tűzvonalban (='In Firing-line') (Hungarian action series about the Hungarian police)
- actor: Jensen Ackles, Robin Williams, Jason Statham, Gérard Depardieu, Viggo Mortensen, Elijah Wood, Orlando Bloom
- actress: Angelina Jolie, Miranda Otto, Liv Tyler
- magazine: Indóház (Hungarian railway magazine), PC Guru (Hungarian PC-gamer magazine), Autó-Motor (Hungarian magazine about cars and motorbikes)
- sportsmen/sportswomen: Gábor Talmácsi (Hungarian 250cc motorbike rider, former 125cc World Champion), Cseh László (Hungarian Olympic- and world champion swimmer), Kimi Räikkönen (Finnish Formula-1 driver, present World Champion), Lewis Hamilton (British Formula-1 driver, World Champion in 2008), Ágnes Szávay (Hungarian tennis player)

That is all about me in a few words.

Clicking the menu buttons above you can see some pictures of me, you can read some lyrics written by me, and you can also get to know some things about my hobbies. I think it is worth taking a look on them.

Have a good time. LovE & PeacE & TrancE ForeveR!