Marching Band

Fanfare_for_Rocky.mp3 0.599.05.04 19:11:30Michigan Marching BandFanfare for Rocky1986Fire Up... It's Saturday
WG_Wildcats_1994.mp3 17:38:12West Genesee Wildcats19941994Marching Bandhttp://JStep.tripod.com0:07:17 96S44
WG_Wildcats_1992_LQ.mp3 0.801.06.20 19:09:05West Genesee Wildcats1992_LQ1992Marching Bandhttp://JStep.tripod.com0:06:34 18M11
The_Marching_Band_-_A_Man_With_A_Gun 4.2The Marching BandA Man With A Gun0:04:26128S44
American.mp3 1.303.04.23 23:32:32Purdue Marching BandAmerica the Beautiful0:01:35112S44
Bacchanale.mp3 3.802.04.04 18:13:17IUP Marching BandBacchanale2000The 1996 IUP Marching Band0:04:02128S44
Tequila.mp3 00:03:05Purdue Marching BandTequila0:01:30112S44
Stars_and_stripes.mp3 3.402.03.04 17:30:19Ophir Prison Marching BandThe Stars And Stripes ForeverNevada City, CA July0:03:32128S44
MarchingBandTheme.mp3 0.501.11.19 17:49:11Marching Band ThemeCopyright 2001, Eric0:00:36128S44
Symph_Met.mp3 1.702.04.04 18:14:192000 IUP Marching BandMarch from Symphonic Metamorph2000 IUP MB0:01:47128S44
El Toro.mp3 0.600.10.23 13:22:051999 Texas Tech Marching BandEl Toro19991900 Texas Tech Marching BandSample from the 19990:00:40128S44
Basin_street_blues.mp3 17:30:01Ophir Prison Marching BandBasin Street BluesNevada City, CA July0:02:12128S44
Alma Mater.mp3 1.602.04.04 18:13:07IUP Marching BandAlma Mater2000The 1999 IUP Marching Band0:01:43128S44
Hurrah12.mp3 0.598.12.09 17:15:08Michigan Marching BandMalague a1998Hurrah for the Yellow and Blue
Glorious_beer.mp3 2.602.03.04 17:30:03Ophir Prison Marching BandGlorious BeerNevada City, CA July0:02:47128S44
Men.mp3 1.602.03.04 17:30:09Ophir Prison Marching BandMenNevada City, CA July0:01:45128S44
WG_Wildcats_2000.mp3 16:53:08West Genesee Wildcats20002000Marching Bandhttp://JStep.tripod.com0:07:14 96S44
Time Warp.mp3 18:14:28IUP Marching BandTime Warp2000The 1998 IUP Marching Band0:02:08128S44
WG_Wildcats_1996_LQ.mp3 0.801.06.20 17:55:22West Genesee Wildcats1996_LQ1996Marching Bandhttp://JStep.tripod.com0:06:08 18M11
Henry V - Overture.mp3 18:13:51IUP Marching BandHenry V - Overture2000The 1996 IUP Marching Band0:02:21128S44
211-Stanford.mp3 0.601.07.04 05:19:29Stanford Marching BandGolgi Apparatus200`Sharin' in the Groove-Phishwww.mockingbirdfound0:00:39128S44
Louie_louie.mp3 2.702.03.04 17:30:07Ophir Prison Marching BandLouie, LouieNevada City, CA July0:02:54128S44
Tunnel Vision (Drum Cadence).mp3 1.602.07.07 06:41:07Grizzly Marching BandTunnel Vision (Drum Cadence)2001 Season0:01:43128S44
Godbless.mp3 13:44:22UnknownGod Bless America2003Marching Band 2003StogaMusic.com0:01:37 96S44
Africa.mp3 2.503.05.13 21:32:05Warner Brothers Marching BandAfrica: Ceremony, Song, and Ri1994
Hurrah6.mp3 0.598.12.09 17:07:32Michigan Marching BandBeatles Medley1998Hurrah for the Yellow and Blue
Malaga.mp3 2.803.04.23 23:58:33Purdue Marching BandMalaga0:02:55128S44
Javelina_Marching_Band_-_Jalisco.MP3 0.901.06.13 15:35:13Javelina Marching BandJalisco1999The Pride of South Texasarr. Joseph Bellamah0:00:56128S44
WG_Wildcats_1990_LQ.mp3 19:20:30West Genesee Wildcats1990_LQ1990Marching Bandhttp://JStep.tripod.com0:07:47 18M11
Gimme Some Lovin'.mp3 1.402.07.07 06:25:05Grizzly Marching BandGimme Some Lovin'2001 Season0:01:31128S44
WG_Wildcats_1997.mp3 17:51:25West Genesee Wildcats19971997Marching Bandhttp://JStep.tripod.com0:07:12 96S44
WG_Wildcats_1995.mp3 18:49:28West Genesee Wildcats19951995Marching Bandhttp://JStep.tripod.com0:07:09 96S44
WG_Wildcats_1991.mp3 6.701.06.22 07:05:34West Genesee Wildcats19911991Marching Bandhttp://JStep.tripod.com0:09:18 96S44
No_Leaf.mp3 1.702.04.04 18:14:002000 IUP Marching BandNo Leaf Clover2000 IUP MB0:01:48128S44
WG_Wildcats_1992.mp3 5.301.06.22 06:57:12West Genesee Wildcats19921992Marching Bandhttp://JStep.tripod.com0:07:22 96S44
Send In The Clowns.mp3 2.602.04.04 18:14:14IUP Marching BandSend in the Clowns2000The 1997 IUP Marching Band0:02:44128S44
WG_Wildcats_1999_LQ.mp3 0.901.06.20 16:57:21West Genesee Wildcats1999_LQ1999Marching Bandhttp://JStep.tripod.com0:06:42 18M11
Beer_barrel_polka.mp3 17:30:02Ophir Prison Marching BandBeer Barrel PolkaNevada City, CA July0:02:22128S44
UofIMBand-HeyJude.mp3 2.902.05.09 18:02:39University of Iowa Marching BandHey JudeGo Hawkeyes: Iowa's Greatest Hit0:02:26160S44
098.mp3 3.503.06.11 15:02:45Jethro TullSlow Marching Band1982Broadsword And The Beast0:03:40128S44
WG_Wildcats_1990.mp3 6.301.06.22 07:13:26West Genesee Wildcats19901990Marching Bandhttp://JStep.tripod.com0:08:45 96S44
Varsity.mp3 0.903.04.24 00:03:27Purdue Marching BandThe Fighting Varsity0:01:08112S44
Usaband.mp3 13:44:30UnknownWe're an American Band2003Marching Band 2003StogaMusic.com0:01:44 96S44
WG_Wildcats_1989.mp3 06:43:35West Genesee Wildcats19891989Marching Bandhttp://JStep.tripod.com0:09:50 96S44
Hey.mp3 0.600.09.25 19:29:03Council Rock Marching BandThe Hey Song1998CR Marching Band 1998-19990:01:31 56S22
TrojanMarchingBand-Uranus.mp3 1.703.11.28 16:08:20Trojan Marching BandUranus (stand still)"The Planets"0:01:47128S44
Chorale And Shaker Dance.mp3 06:04:41Grizzly Marching BandChorale and Shaker Dance2001 Season0:02:23128S44
Get On Your Feet.mp3 1.902.07.07 06:15:48Grizzly Marching BandGet On Your Feet2001 Season0:02:00128S44
Amazing Grace.mp3 4.602.04.04 18:13:13IUP Marching BandAmazing Grace2000The 1997 IUP Marching Band0:04:49128S44
Pagliacci.mp3 18:14:022000 IUP Marching BandPagliacci2000 IUP MB0:02:15128S44
Mexico.mp3 2.503.04.23 23:59:30Purdue Marching BandEl Salon Mexico0:02:41128S44
TrojanMarchingBand-JupiterChorale-En 1.503.11.28 16:44:28Trojan Marching BandJupiter Chorale-Ending (stand"The Planets"None0:01:35128S44
Black&gold.mp3 0.901.10.17 06:01:34C.O.W. Marching BandBlack and Gold20002000Arr. Stuart Ling0:00:57128S44
UofIMBand-OnIowaIOWACheer.mp3 17:54:46University of Iowa Marching BandOn Iowa!Go Hawkeyes: Iowa's Greatest Hit0:00:53160S44
Cadence.mp3 23:34:29Purdue Marching BandTuba Cadence and Band Cheer19920:02:36112S44
Twist_and_shout.mp3 1.502.03.04 17:30:21Ophir Prison Marching BandTwist And ShoutNevada City, CA July0:01:39128S44
WG_Wildcats_1993_pro_LQ.mp3 0.901.06.20 19:02:29West Genesee Wildcats1993_pro_LQ1993Marching Bandhttp://JStep.tripod.com0:06:55 18M11
Javelina_Marching_Band_-_Javelina_Vi 0.501.06.13 15:35:13Javelina Marching BandJavelina Victory March1998The Pride of South TexasNoble Cain0:00:32128S44
Al.mp3 1.403.04.23 23:32:02Purdue Marching BandYou Can Call Me Al0:01:33128S44
Hail Indiana.mp3 1.502.04.04 18:13:48IUP Marching BandHail Indiana2000The 1997 IUP Marching Band0:01:37128S44
Barenecessities.mp3 1.403.04.23 23:33:40Purdue Marching BandBare Necessities0:01:32128S44
Pufanfare.mp3 0.603.04.23 23:59:45Purdue Marching BandPurdue Fanfare0:00:43128S44
WG_Wildcats_1996.mp3 4.901.06.20 18:13:54West Genesee Wildcats19961996Marching Bandhttp://JStep.tripod.com0:06:53 96S44
Malaguena.mp3 1.602.03.04 17:30:22Ophir Prison Marching BandCumanaNevada City, CA July0:01:43128S44
Hey_baby.mp3 1.702.03.04 17:30:04Ophir Prison Marching BandHey, BabyNevada City, CA July0:01:47128S44
Take_the_A-Train.mp3 0.599.05.04 19:12:14Michigan Marching BandTake the A-Train1986Fire Up... It's Saturday
Fightsong.mp3 2.703.04.22 17:19:28Boise State Marching BandOrange And Blue (BSU Fight Son1998Morrison Center - 11-24-98 (disc0:02:53128S44
Boogie Nights.mp3 1.802.07.07 05:51:19Grizzly Marching BandBoogie Nights2001 Season0:01:52128S44
Children.mp3 3.403.04.23 23:35:46Purdue Marching BandChildren of Sanchez0:04:08112S44
Prelude.mp3 3.703.02.14 18:03:54IUP Marching BandPrelude No. 24 - ShostakovichThe 2001 IUP Marching Band0:03:53128S44
Saints_in_concert.mp3 2.602.03.04 17:30:12Ophir Prison Marching BandSaints In ConcertNevada City, CA July0:02:46128S44
Marching Band 1999-2000 - Aztec Fire 2.303.03.29 16:44:39Marching BandMarching Band 1999-2000 - AzteMarching Band, AG# B1224C49
Broadway.mp3 1.503.05.24 13:44:28UnknownOn Broadway2003Marching Band 2003StogaMusic.com0:02:09 96S44
WG_Wildcats_1994_LQ.mp3 0.801.06.20 18:57:25West Genesee Wildcats1994_LQ1994Marching Bandhttp://JStep.tripod.com0:06:29 18M11
Can You Feel.mp3 18:13:24IUP Marching BandCan You Feel The Love Tonight2000The 1998 IUP Marching Band0:02:07128S44
WG_Wildcats_1993_pro.mp3 5.501.06.22 06:50:34West Genesee Wildcats1993_pro1993Marching Bandhttp://JStep.tripod.com0:07:46 96S44
Maria.mp3 0.801.12.01 03:42:40C.O.W. Marching BandMaria20000:00:54128S44
Star.mp3 13:44:24UnknownStar Spangled Banner2003Marching Band 2003StogaMusic.com0:01:43 96S44
WG_Wildcats_1989_LQ.mp3 19:26:14West Genesee Wildcats1989_LQ1989Marching Bandhttp://JStep.tripod.com0:08:46 18M11
Hymn.mp3 1.403.04.23 23:57:31Purdue Marching BandPurdue Hymn0:01:30128S44
Circle Of Life.mp3 1.902.04.04 18:13:28IUP Marching BandCircle of Life2000The 1998 IUP Marching Band0:02:02128S44
Cherokee.mp3 1.602.04.04 18:13:26IUP Marching BandCherokee2000The 1998 IUP Marching Band0:01:40128S44
H_moon.mp3 0.501.10.17 06:01:24C.O.W. Marching BandShine On Harvest Moon2000Not Full Piece0:00:37128S44
The 1999 Closer.mp3 5.402.04.04 18:14:25IUP Marching BandThe 1999 Closer2000The 1999 IUP Marching Band0:05:43128S44
Concerto For Marching Band.mp3 18:13:33IUP Marching BandConcerto for Marching Band2000The 1998 IUP Marching Band0:04:14128S44
Stone.mp3 1.803.03.03 21:25:00Thomas Stone HS Marching BandFanfare - Anthem - Rejoicing2001Patuxent TOB - 9/22/
How_high_the_moon.mp3 1.802.03.04 17:30:05Ophir Prison Marching BandHow High The MoonNevada City, CA July0:01:54128S44
Simba's Confrontation.mp3 1.402.04.04 18:14:15IUP Marching BandSimba's Confrontation with Sca2000The 1998 IUP Marching Band0:01:29128S44
Salvation Is Created.mp3 2.802.04.04 18:14:11IUP Marching BandSalvation is Created2000The 1998 IUP Marching Band0:02:59128S44
Leapfrog.mp3 1.702.03.04 17:30:05Ophir Prison Marching BandLeapfrogNevada City, CA July0:01:49128S44
Almamater.mp3 2.402.07.16 14:02:09Cornell BRBAlma Mater1999The 2000 Big Red Marching BandGT Lucky: Music 2210:02:03160S44
Montana (State Song).mp3 06:31:43Grizzly Marching BandMontana (State Song)2001 Season0:01:09128S44
Jungle Boogie.mp3 1.702.04.04 18:13:53IUP Marching BandJungle Boogie2000The 1999 IUP Marching Band0:01:46128S44
Sound_of_beer.mp3 17:30:16Ophir Prison Marching BandThe Sound Of BeerNevada City, CA July0:02:22128S44
Tuxedo_junction.mp3 1.802.03.04 17:30:20Ophir Prison Marching BandTuxedo JunctionNevada City, CA July0:01:54128S44
Strike Up The Band.mp3 1.402.04.04 18:14:17IUP Marching BandStrike Up the Band2000The 1996 IUP Marching Band0:01:30128S44
Make Me Smile.mp3 3.302.04.04 18:13:58IUP Marching BandMake Me Smile2000The 1996 IUP Marching Band0:03:26128S44
WG_Wildcats_1999.mp3 5.401.06.20 17:27:06West Genesee Wildcats19991999Marching Bandhttp://JStep.tripod.com0:07:31 96S44
Saturday20.mp3 0.598.12.09 17:15:52Michigan Marching BandAmerica the Beautiful1993A Saturday Tradition
I_love_USC.mp3 06:21:46USC Trojan Marching BandI Love USC0:04:27128S44

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