dear everybody! (who just reads us and can not write but love to)

if you want to register in this forum, please follow these steps:

1. when you open this webpage: look for this word "regisztráció" you can find it on the left side on the top
2. open it -> "
"teljes név" means full name: write a name here, your real name or not, it dosen't matter
"azonosító"this is the username (your nickname in the forum)
"jelszó"- > password
"jelszó újra"- > password again (conformation)
the next space: this is the "moderation directive" everybody have to read it, but it is in hungarian so you don't have to, this contains the rules and things like that (you know what is permitted and what is not)
next -> your gender: "férfi"->male "nő"->female
next-> your age
next-> your residance (where you live) you have to choose "külföld" ->foreign country
next-> your job (entrepeuner, employee, white-collar worker, blue-collar woker, student, pensioner and other )
the last is your e-mail address, you have to add it
next is everybody sees your e-mail address or not, if not don't take a pipe!
the rest is not important: your webpage, your introduction, and the newsletters
3. welcome to our forum!