mDC++ logos by users

Thank you guyz!

mDC logo by Jayant. LOL.
This client is not offered for children, I forgot to tell you I ain't run from Disneyland and Mickey Mouse is not me etc...
I'll paint this one on my future children bedrom's wall. It is good when they are in pijama. :) Now I need another one for my client.

Have a sleep boy and see if you dream a better one. ;-)

mDC logo by Jayant again.
This is not bad. It looks cool but I have some remarks:
This client is a CZDC++ mod which cannot be told as a powerful OP client.
I intend to add some OP features to help OPs work better but it won't be like CDM, DCDM, R2 etc clients.
A cool client, nice interface, lots of useful features, some OPs checkings and stability. This is what it is supposed to be.
The motto should be changed. The colours are OK although I would love to see how it looks if mDC has got some green colour and the motto other colour.
The other hand I feel it too dark. Let's try the dark backgrount to lighten a bit. Hive it some skyblue colour or you can even use some sky background, or if you could make some rainbow that would rock. Please try a rainbow version too. Let's see how it looks.
Thank you Jayant.

mDC logo by Flash (Nicolae Gabriel)
The logo is not ready yet. It is just a preview. The motto should be changed of course and we need to think how to make an icon from logo. Guys, I need a square logo. Keep on working, thank you.

mDC logo by Jayant.
This is a cute one thank you :)
Please let me see how the background looks in blue with a rainbow.

mDC logos by Jayant.

another logo from a master's hand Flash (Nicolae Gabriel)
The best one. I love it. This is the winner, thank you flash :)


cool mDC++ icons from Flash (Nicolae Gabriel)


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