- mDC++ v0.673[I1] is hosted on new server. Downloading shouldn't cause problem.


- mDC++ v0.673[I1] released.
- mDC++ forum has been down for long now :(. I wanted to update and I did it in a wrong way. It will be fixed soon on new server. Yes, we are gonna move to new server.


- mDC++ v0.670[G1] released. Some bugfixes again. There was a serious bug causing crash after joining the hub and getting the MOTD in PM. Thx PPK for fix.


- mDC++ v0.670[F1] released. Some bugfixes


- First releases of clients of 0.670 were very unstable. Today a bugfixed version will be released. If anyone wants to use v0.668 which is more stable but without lots of new features I compiled a working version for them too.


- CZDC++ v0.670[F] is released. I am working on mDC++ version.
- New design of mDC++ homepage is almost ready.


- mDC++ v0.670[E1] is released.


- Users running mDC++ v0.668[D1] cannot run the client anymore. Sorry. I forgot to change the link for update.xml in my first release. It is still pointing to CZDC++ homepage. PPK plays a practical joke (thank you PPK ;-)) on those who are using CZDC++ mods with version number change to 0.668 and linking to his page. Those users are getting a false message to update their client. Hehe. Sorry. I fixed this bug. Just download the latest beta version.


- mDC++ v0.670 is almost ready. I hope it'll be released tomorrow.


- A test version of mDC++ v0.670 Beta is ready.


- Due to Win Apache messing up CZDC++ forum is down at the moment :(. The homepage is hosted on a new server now.
- mDC++ v0.670 is still delaying for a while. Lots of changes and new features included will be found in next release. Thanx to all DC and DC mods team.


- PPK has just released CZDC++ v0.666[E] based on DC++ v0.670.
- mDC++ will be released in 1-2 days


- DC++ v0.670 has been released. PPK has also released a test version of CZDC++ based on latest DC++ v0.670 CVS. Due to this fact first release of mDC++ will delay a while. I want a stable code.

The homepage design is delaying as well. The designer is learning.
Hey Ajnász I need your help :)