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I have learn this modular origami technics from a Hungarian Origami newspaper in 2001.

Called GHIAN-ZHI, meaning: 1000 PAPERS.
I have seen this technique with BLOCK-FOLDING designation.

In the history 200 Chinese shipwrecked people of Golden Adventurer Ship came to a prison when they stranded near banks of USA in 1993.
The one of them ripped for equal half-palmful pieces the colour newspapers and other wastepapers in his leisure moments. After he folded these pieces for uniform triangular elements.
He put together the complicated shapes from thise simple elements.
Then he familiarized the other prisoners with the folding. So the quantity of the component parts increased quickly.
Finally the paper sculptures (vases, pots, animals) came to museums and galleries from the prison.
The model make me remember the Chinese sacrificial paper-money folding which was used in funeral rites.

My first basic materials was colour photocopier-papers and newspapers. I have been started to use a tea envelops since 2002.
I make the cut-outs by the own ideas in my free time.
I made special bricks from the elements for the flat surfaces.

I made some dinosaurs with normal origami technics: Some folding ...

I have learnt the plicated technics in August of 2004 in Kecskemét from Paul Hassenforder. Here are the results ...

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