Fruits & Co.
The pineapple was my first work of art:
composed of 400 modules
made of coloured copy paper
After come the other fruits:
150-200 modules was needed to them
Then was done
the same
from teabags ...
Even the pineapple
was renewed ...
Basket of my fruits was made:
from 3500 modules
This is an orange to the Basket of fruit ...
... from 576 little pieces ...
This is a bunch of grapes ...
... from 1100 little pieces ...
This is the pumpkin ...
This is the pumpkin also
for Cinderella's coach
( therefore purplish ... )

Flowers, Vases & Other Plants
60 little flower
in a big flowerbasket
March of 2011.
Roses in many colors...
in 2010
December of 2007
small flowerbaskets ...
& a big one ...
A little flowerbasket was made
in September ...
A little bigger
flowerbasket &
a white rose
in October, 2007
Roses were blossomed - June 2007
I made an
black rose
New Flowers ...
... and these are together in a vase
Small vases & flowers was made
for Women's Day of 2007...
Exactly 2000 pieces of
Pickwick teabag
equal with one tree ...
Vases with Flowers ...
This vase was made
under the 2nd exhibition
in 2004
for Mother's Day
A pair of sunflower ...
A Flowerbasket was made
with many little flowers ...
... and a little banch of viola
and some other
vases, flowers