Welcome to SimADCom site

If you have looked for a BUG tracker and ToDo list software than you are at the best place. This is the home of the MyIssue-Monitor software.

This software is freeware, but practically regware. It means that if you want to get a free version you need to send an email to me. Automatic reply, sent back to you, will contain the activation code. Sorry for this extra work, but I think it is worth to get a free version. The reason of this for me is to know the popularity of my softwares.




On my other site you will find more useful softwares.

First of all, you will find my "biggest" software, called MyCar-Monitor. This is an automotive car care software which helps you to maintain all vehicle related records including fuel, maintenance, accident, trips and so on. I do not want to write down a lot of things about vehicle maintenance and car care systems. The situation is very easy, good car care system results less fuel consumption and operating costs, increased reliability and longer durability.

My other software is the HealthFix+ which is a Health Care software to track different body features like weight, waist, hip and more and additionally calculate different indicators like Body Mass Index, Waist to Hip Ratio, Basal Metabolic Rate and Body Fat Index. 

Additionally you will find some other small softwares which are part of MyCar-Monitor, but they are available separately as well.

If you would like to take part in the development, testings, translations or promote my softwares, just an email.

Good luck and I hope you will find my free softwares useful!