Welcome here!


So I no longer update this site...

What you can find here: covers of all of my bootlegs, cds, dvds and later I'll upload here the covers of my offical released collection.
Of course I am talking about Guns N' Roses :-)

In details:

Bootleg covers:

covers of the bootlegs I have. Most of the covers were scanned by me. Some of them I downloaded from the internet, so thanks for the one who scanned them!

Audio cd covers:

I've made all these covers and I'm continously making new ones.

DVD covers:

I've downloaded these covers from the net. Thanks for them! They are great artworks.

Official covers:

Under construction. You will find here the covers of my official collection, like cds, maxis, vinyls, videos, books, etc.



Added 3 new dvd covers. Thanks to Vasco!!


Just started the site :-) Hope you like it. Any feedback is welcomed: info[at]natasa[dot]hu

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