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English Cocker Spaniel puppies for sale

 Pedigree Puppies with 3 vaccinations (parvo, combined, rabies) and chips are for sale. They are handled with vermifuge (4x), Prcd.PRA/ clean and FN/N clear. They are sociable and free of genetcial illnesses. For breeding, working and family members. Just for animal lovers.

More pictures here.

Puppies are born!

We have got 1 black male, 1 gold male, 3 sable males, 2 sable females. 

Planned Litter

We are planning new puppies will be born in September .

31 March 2012
Denise got an excellent 1. CAC title in pupil class and her first champion title.

16 February 2012
Denise got an excellent 2. Res. CAC title in pupil class.

22 October 2011
MKSZ Derby
Archibald got an excellent 1. CAC title in Champion class with this he become the MKSZ Hungária Grand Champion.
This time he obtained the title of 5. Champion.

24 September 2011
Denise got an excellent 1. HPJ Best Junior tilte in pupil class.
She was offered into Junior BIS where she was within the top 5.

08 October 2011
Archibald  got an excellent 1. CAC in Champion class.
Denise got an excellent 2. in pupil class.

13 August 2011
Denise got very good qualification in the young class.
Archi got an excellent 1. CAC HFGY and BOG 2. in Champion class

30 May 2011
Maya who is Archi's half-sister was born in 9 April 2009. Soon afterwards in 30th May 2011, after his 2nd birthday she took a succesfull dog therapy exam. She works with elderly people and disabled children at Dogs for Human Foundation. Her patience and cheerful character make her suitable for therapeutic work. She has a very good temparament. She is balanced, loves working and being among people. She is a relaxed female dog on the other hand she needs a lot of movement. Furthermore she is keen an agility and apport. She is caracterized by sustained tail wag, but durning working she is concentrates very well. This ability was found out when she took the BH1 /Basic Companion Dog/ exam at the age of one.

07 May 2011
Archibald got in Champion class 1. CAC recomended for BIS title.
Denise was 2. in young class.

14 April 2011
The puppies of Ch. Bochsow Blue Archibald × Manó-Kerti Pötyi are 3 weeks old. More information on Puppies for sale menu.

12 April 2011
I got new photos about Ch. Bochsow Blue Archibald and Rizi-Bizi Geraldin's puppies, they are 4 weeks old. Kisherceg is for sale from this litter!

2 April 2011
New photos about Ch. Bochsow Blue Archibald and Rizi-Bizi Geraldin's puppies:
Virág Hópehely
Kisherceg - for sale!

27 March 2011
Archibald got in champion class excellent 1. CAC title!
Vivien Póth bemcame Junior Handler 2nd place with Bochsow Blue Archibald, congratulations!
Denise behaves and appeared 
very nice in her first show, she got won excellent 1. HPJ title among 3 junior females!
Mandy in open class excellent.
Thanks to Lora for everything! Congratulations to all of the cocker exhibitors!
Judge: Landi Éva

24 March 2011

There were born puppies out of Ch. Bochsow Blue Archibald and Manó-Kerti Pötyi in kennel Jewel of Noah's Ark: 2 females and 2 males.

Puppies were born out of Ch. Bochsow Blue Archibald and Rizi-Bizi Geraldin!
She gave life for 5 babies on 18 March: 3 male and 2 female. Unfortunately, one boy left us :(

Planned litter!
Expected date of birth: 20 March 2011
Expected colours: blue-roan, black-white
More information:
Ch. Bochsow Blue Archibald Rizi-Bizi Geraldin
MKSZ Hungaria Junior Champion, Romanian Champion,
Transylvania Cup Winner, Romanian Grand Champion expectant
MKSZ: 4×HPJ, 2×Best Junior, 2×CAC
Breeding confirmation, Ability exam
Breeding confirmation, Ability exam
prcd-PRA: normal/clear (A)
(pde6D, pde6G - homozygous/free)

I have got some new pictures about Kephallénia Oceanus Androsz Lucas "Zohan".


Denise after grooming:

I got a great genetic test result today: Denise is prcd-PRA/A clear!!!

We practised with pigeon, Archi and Mandy retrieved very skillfully. Denise made the acquaintance of it only yet, but she also was very interested!


We took part in a very fruitful Romanian dog show with our friends, who ended the weekend successfully, too.
We say thank you for everything and congratulations!
Archi first day CAC, CACIB, BOB and BOG! Judge: Marit Sunde (S).
Archi second day CAC és CACIB again, with these results he is Romanian Champion, Transylvanian Cup Winner and Romanian Grand Champion expectant!
Judge: Zafra Sirik (L).

I have got some pictures and news about Daphne! Thank you!

Kephallénia Oceanus Androsz Daphne
Owner: Tinnyei family, Paks

Székesfehérvár, ARKE CAC
We spent the day in a very good company despite the rainy weather. Archi got 
excellent 1. CAC title in open class with very nice description!
The judge was Benjámin Görbe (H).


New pictures under 'Gallery' and 'Puppy' pages.

Here are some new photos about our puppies. Lucas and Melody are available for serious owners! For more information, please visit our 'Puppies' page.
Kephallénia Oceanus Androsz Lucas Kephallénia Oceanus Androsz Denise

Mandy with her daughters (Denise & Daphne)

Mandy & Kephallénia Oceanus Androsz Daphne


Mandy's puppies are 6 weeks old. More pictures on 'Puppies' page.

The puppies are 4 weeks old!

Our babies are 2 weeks old! You can see some pictures about them on 'Puppies' page.


Mandy gave birth for 7 sweet little black babies on her birthday!

MKSZ CAC: Archi got CAC title in intermediate class. Judge: Paróczi Pál (SRB)

Mandy was on ultrasonic test, she's waiting for puppies :)

I got Archi's prcd-PRA test result: normal/clear!!!


We were in Székesfehérvár on dog show, where Archi in junior class got HPJ, Best Junior title! I'm very proud of him!
(Judge: Dr. Pozsonyi Anikó)

Archibald participated superbly today. On his third show, Archi got excellent I., HPJ and Best Junior! (Judge: Paróczi Pál).
With this result Archi finished the MKSZ Hungarian Junior Championship!!!
Thanks to Nagyné Kati for the help and to our groomer for the beautiful work!


Archi participated wonderfully on the dog show, he got his second HPJ title!
Ekaterina Pereguda)

We were visited the nearby lake, the dogs enjoyed it very well!

Archi on his first show got his first HPJ title! (Jugde: Sanja Momcilovic Bognic).
Luke és Archi


Archi was 1 year old and Mandy 4 years old on 25 April 2009. Happy birthday!