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Smthng03.mp3 17:41:54STS-483 - adapt to here1999Somethinghttp://www.apoculpro0:03:22128S44
Elevator To Hell - 12 - Here To Here 5.302.05.28 19:40:26Elevator To HellHere to Here1997Eerieconsiliation
From_nowhere_to_here.mp3 07:18:28Matt Jorgensen+451From Nowhere To Here2000The Road Begins Here0:07:19128S44
American Dream.mp3 0.903.08.17 01:47:43Crazy ChesterAmerican Dream2003To Here From There0:00:59128S44
The Tragically Hip - 03 New Orleans 9.402.09.03 21:55:33The Tragically HipNew Orleans Is SinkingUp To Here
Sewer Rat.mp3 0.903.08.17 01:49:02Crazy ChesterSewer Rat2003To Here From There0:00:59128S44
FromClar.mp3 3.401.09.20 23:28:47From Clare to hereRalph McTell2001live @
[Tragically Hip, The] 03 New Orleans 18:21:34Tragically Hip, TheNew Orleans Is Sinking????Up To HereCreated: MP3 Strip_I0:04:17160S44
The Seeds.mp3 0.903.08.17 01:49:26Crazy ChesterThe Seeds2003To Here From There0:00:59128S44
Make Me Happy.mp3 0.903.08.17 01:48:39Crazy ChesterMake Me Happy2003To Here From There0:00:59128S44
Trainto.mp3 6.300.04.05 19:43:04matsevTrain to Here1996www.erreur404.org0:06:35128S44
(dx)-Return_To_Here.mp3 1.502.06.07 18:00:25(dx) -- devereauxReturn To Here1997Paint Boxall rights reserved0:01:39128S44
Water.mp3 0.903.08.17 10:15:24Crazy ChesterWater2003To Here From There0:00:59128S44
Brian McKnight - Let Me Love You.mp3 2.703.07.05 17:44:44Brian McKnightFrom There to Here0:03:49
You Wrote Me Off.mp3 0.903.08.17 01:49:48Crazy ChesterYou Wrote Me Off2003To Here From There0:00:59128S44
Live-The Dolphins Cry.mp3 6.300.09.16 11:49:09LiveThe Dolphin's Cry1999The Distance to Herefeedhog
Lonely World.mp3 0.903.08.17 01:48:15Crazy ChesterLonely World2003To Here From There0:00:59128S44
From Clare To Here.mp3 1.903.05.22 11:02:48GiantscausewayAudioTrack 072002Sampler Studio0:02:00128S44
Starofcounty.mp3 0.702.05.22 21:03:07Mathew Abelsonstarofcounty1999From There To HereMariner Beachside Re0:03:01 32M22
Live - Run To The Water.mp3 5.302.03.22 06:00:00LiveRun To The Water1999The Distance To Here0:04:28160S44
Munky_lee_-_Train_to_here.mp3 6.3Munky leeTrain to here0:06:37128S44
Hastetowed.mp3 0.902.05.22 21:00:01Mathew Abelsonhastetowed1999From There To HereMariner Beachside Re0:03:56 32M22
My Bloody Valentine - Loveless - 04 12:56:55My Bloody ValentineTo Here Knows When1991Loveless-k0:05:31128S44
Greensleeves.mp3 0.602.05.22 20:58:55Mathew AbelsonGreensleeves1999From There To HereMariner Beachside Re0:02:51 32M22
Dance With You.mp3 3.304.02.27 11:43:06LiveDance With You2002Live The Distance To Here
07-live-the_dolphins_cry-ksi.mp3 6.302.01.03 07:21:56LiveThe Dolphin's Cry1999The Distance to Herefeedhog
Live -The Distance To Here - Run To 6.404.01.21 17:05:02LiveRun To The Water1999The Distance To Herefeedhog0:08:57 96S44
05 There To Here.mp3 22:13:04Not The Only OneThere To Here0:01:51160S44
The_Action_Is-the_furthest_distance_ 09:18:160:03:20128S44
Clare-to-here.mp3 1.703.03.02 21:41:57
04 Clare To Here.mp3 0.503.12.16 21:55:580:00:37128S44
Digit4l.mp3 5.604.07.13 16:48:38Richard MDigit4l (working title)2004Visit to here
(dx)-Return_To_Here.mp3 1.502.06.07 18:00:25(dx) -- devereauxReturn To Here1997Paint Boxall rights reserved0:01:39128S44

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