Piccoli Archi Orchestra

The members of the orchestra are the present and former students of the Sándor Vikár Music School of Nyíregyháza, Hungary since 1985.

We find it one of our most important achievements that students continue to play music throughout their high school or college studies as well. The children's orchestra provides the young talents for the youth orchestra.

Besides the successful performances in Hungary, the orchestra has performed in the former GDR and the Soviet Union, United States, the Netherlands, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, England, Belgium, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Romania, Spain, Portugal, Luxemburg, Denmark, Sweden.

The orchestra operates as an association, in which the members are the young musicians themselves, their parents and music teachers. It is called Pro Archi Association.

Director and conductor of the youth orchestra is Edit Nagyné Ligeti, director of the children's orchestra is Barbara Szabó.


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