Ede Zathureczky
(Igló 1903 - Bloomington 1959)

His teacher was the exceptional Jenő Hubay, due to whom many Hungarian violinists could travel around the world. At the time Hungary was the homeland of violinist. Zathureczky proved to be one of the most talented students of Hubay and he soon achieved world-fame with his excellent tone, virtuoso techniques and his playing style showing an elaborate sense of form and style.

In 1920 he started playing concerts in Austria, Holland, Switzerland, Italy, Bohemia, Poland, Scandinavian countries and many cities around the world.

In 1925 he had very successful concerts in America. He played with the best-kown conductors of his time. After the war he went to the Soviet Union and China, too. In 1929 he became Hubay's assistant at the artist training school in Budapest where he became appointed as a teacher. From 1943 to 1957 he was the general director of the Music Academy. 

As an excellent professor he trained any outstanding violinists, who carried on the knowledge they acquired from him: e. g. Dénes Kovács, Péter Komlós, Albert Kocsis, Ferenc Halász, etc.

He travelled to Vienna in 1956 and later to America, where he was the violin teacher of the Indiana University in Bloomington. After two years he was about to return home to take the head position of the faculty of the violin master training school, when he suddenly died. He dropped the bow while practising at the age of 56.

He is mainly known as a performer of modern (Bartók) and romantic violin repertoire. He added violin-piano sonatas and concert pieces to the violinists' repertoire.

He played a concert with Béla Bartók at the hall of the Korona Hotel in Nyíregyháza on January 10. 1934.

Ede Zathureczky

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