Pifta's Feeder Challenge!


I created my site to share what I have and what I know about F1Challange, the best ever car racing game.

Since Valerio and his team started to work on a supermod that involves every single Formula 1 season, I started the Feeder Challenge project that involves as many non-F1 seasons as possible. Currently it counts 280 seasons from GP2 fo Formula Renault.


You can download the whole package together HERE


You can download thematic parts HERE


You can download series packs HERE


You can download season by season HERE


Some additional circuits:

If you have something I do not, or have some problems with F1Challange, or if you have ideas how the site could be better, feel free to conctact me through my e-mail, or look for me in the Feeder Challenge group on Facebook. The quality could be better, especially on graphics side, this is the best I can do, so I would be very happy for some help.

Despite the fact that I'm Hungarian, and I put the site on a Hungarian server, I wrote the page in English, so that more people can understand it. I do NOT mean this one to be a concurrent site of race4sim.com, or gphungary.hu or alliance.bondurand.com, but I think we can get by beside each other. We all hope F1Challange will be played even many years from now. Have a lot of fun with the downloaded contenct!