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05 - Boogie Down.mp3 3.700.09.24 08:22:34The Princeton FootnotesBoogie Down15 Minutes of Fame0:03:56128S44
10 - The Girl Is Mine.mp3 3.400.09.24 08:25:36The Princeton FootnotesThe Girl is Mine15 Minutes of Fame0:03:38128S44
09 - Night And Day.mp3 08:24:54The Princeton FootnotesNight and Day15 Minutes of Fame0:02:12128S44
01 - Heartache Tonight.mp3 3.800.09.24 08:20:06The Princeton FootnotesHeartache Tonight15 Minutes of Fame0:04:01128S44
03 - House At Pooh Corner.mp3 2.700.09.24 08:21:06The Princeton FootnotesHouse at Pooh Corner15 Minutes of Fame0:02:53128S44
Katzenjammers_Caught_A_Touch.mp3 0.903.01.13 06:40:26The Princeton KatzenjammersCaught a Touch of Your Love1998Traffic Jamexcerpt0:01:01128S44
16 - Does Anybody Really Know What T 08:29:02The Princeton FootnotesDoes Anybody Really Know What15 Minutes of Fame0:03:12128S44
03 - I'd Die Without You.mp3 3.302.09.12 06:06:24The Princeton FootnotesTrack 03Purple Tides0:03:29128S44
02 - There Will Never Be Another You 1.400.09.24 08:20:28The Princeton FootnotesThere Will Never Be Another Yo15 Minutes of Fame0:01:29128S44
12 - The More I See You.mp3 08:26:34The Princeton FootnotesThe More I See You15 Minutes of Fame0:02:16128S44
20 - Solace Of You.mp3 4.300.09.24 08:31:50The Princeton FootnotesSolace of You15 Minutes of Fame0:04:31128S44
18 - Birdland.mp3 3.800.09.24 08:30:26The Princeton FootnotesBirdland15 Minutes of Fame0:03:59128S44
Katzenjammers_Route_66_excerpt.mp3 0.803.01.13 06:40:31The Princeton KatzenjammersRoute 661998Traffic Jamexcerpt0:00:53128S44
11 - I Want You Back.mp3 2.600.09.24 08:26:08The Princeton FootnotesI Want You Back15 Minutes of Fame0:02:44128S44
04 - It's So Hard To Say Goodbye (to 3.300.09.24 08:21:48The Princeton FootnotesIt's So Hard to Say Goodbye (t15 Minutes of Fame0:03:27128S44
19 - Reelin' In The Years.mp3 2.700.09.24 08:31:00The Princeton FootnotesReelin' in the Years15 Minutes of Fame0:02:52128S44
17 - If You Could Read My Mind.mp3 3.300.09.24 08:29:42The Princeton FootnotesIf You Could Read My Mind15 Minutes of Fame0:03:28128S44
07 - Philadelphia.mp3 3.500.09.24 08:23:42The Princeton FootnotesPhiladelphia15 Minutes of Fame0:03:39128S44
06 - Heavenly Bodies.mp3 2.300.09.24 08:23:02The Princeton FootnotesHeavenly Bodies15 Minutes of Fame0:02:27128S44
15 - Tempted.mp3 3.600.09.24 08:28:26The Princeton FootnotesTempted15 Minutes of Fame0:03:47128S44
ThePrincetonReverbsColonial-FatherMo 2.700.02.03 03:31:52The Princeton Reverbs ColonialFather, Mother, Son of Man0:03:51 96S44
08 - Bridge Over Troubled Water.mp3 3.800.09.24 08:24:28The Princeton FootnotesBridge Over Troubled Water15 Minutes of Fame0:04:01128S44
12 - If You Could Read My Mind.mp3 3.302.09.12 06:15:04The Princeton FootnotesTrack 12Purple Tides0:03:29128S44
05 - Heartache Tonight.mp3 3.802.09.12 06:09:02The Princeton FootnotesTrack 05Purple Tides0:03:58128S44 0.903.01.13 06:40:29The Princeton KatzenjammersOn Broadway1995Midnight Comes Aroundexcerpt0:00:59128S44