The Quarry

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No Doctors - The Quarry128.mp3 3.503.03.19 03:46:36The QuarryLP010:03:42128S44
No Doctors - The Quarry64.mp3 1.703.03.19 03:50:58The QuarryLP010:03:42 64S44
Before The Quarry.mp310.403.12.20 11:57:540:10:55128M44
The Quarry.mp3 20:36:24artistThe Quarrytitle0:02:12128S44
NLpreview.mp3 0.804.02.19 16:40:42Various ArtistsThe QuarryRansom0:00:50128S44
Firstofthegang.mp3 1.504.05.21 16:15:49Morrisseyfirst of the gang to dieYou Are The Quarry0:03:37 56S22
03 I Have Forgiven Jesus.mp3 4.404.05.03 14:26:51MorrisseyI Have Forgiven JesusYou Are The Quarry
Morrissey - Irish Blood, English Hea 0.704.05.24 08:17:52MorrisseyIrish Blood, English Heart2004You Are The Quarry
11 I Like You.mp3 13:21:23MorrisseyI Like YouYou Are The Quarry00001B4C 00001C9A 00009720 000090:13:05 64S44
Morrissey-The World Is Full Of Crash 5.504.06.18 08:15:12MorrisseyThe world is full of crashing2004You are the quarry
Morrissey - You Are The Quarry.mp3 3.504.03.17 18:17:26MorrisseyYou Are The Quarry2004/0:04:16112S44
02 - Irish Blood, English Heart-XaiN 3.904.06.18 20:51:22MorrisseyIrish Blood, English Heart2004You Are The Quarry00001709 00001C8D 000091A8 0000A0:08:10 64S44
June_Station_4.mp3 01:28:36MorrisseyFirst of the Gang To DieYou Are The Quarry0:18:11 24S22
Morrissey.mp3 2.904.07.17 21:17:01MorrisseyIrish Blood, English Heart2004You Are The Quarry0:02:26160S44
04.mp3 16:47:00MorrisseyCome Back To Camden2004You Are The Quarry0:13:01 64S44
01.mp3 14:33:39MorrisseyAmerica Is Not The World2004You Are The Quarry0:12:48 64S44
10.mp3 21:21:07MorrisseyAll The Lazy Dykes2004You Are The Quarry0:10:59 64S44
05.mp3 17:47:25MorrisseyI`m Not Sorry2004You Are The Quarry0:14:46 64S44
08.mp3 5.404.06.28 20:01:17MorrisseyFirst Of The Gang To Die2004You Are The Quarry0:11:20 64S44
02.mp3 3.904.06.28 15:13:44MorrisseyIrish Blood, English Heart2004You Are The Quarry0:08:10 64S44
03.mp3 5.504.06.28 15:58:16MorrisseyI Have Forgiven Jesus2004You Are The Quarry0:11:31 64S44
12.mp3 8.604.06.28 23:10:47MorrisseyYou Know I Couldn`t Last2004You Are The Quarry0:18:00 64S44
06.mp3 5.704.06.28 18:42:54MorrisseyThe World Is Full Of Crashing2004You Are The Quarry0:12:01 64S44
11.mp3 22:06:45MorrisseyI Like You2004You Are The Quarry0:13:05 64S44
07.mp3 19:21:02MorrisseyHow Could Anybody Possibly Kno2004You Are The Quarry0:10:38 64S44
09.mp3 20:41:22MorrisseyLet Me Kiss You2004You Are The Quarry0:11:01 64S44
Morrissey-I Like You.mp3 07:57:56MorrisseyI Like You2004You Are The Quarry
Morrissey-first_of_the_gang_to_die.m 5.404.07.26 15:00:41MorrisseyFirst Of The Gang To Die2004You Are The Quarry0:11:21 64S44
08 First Of The Gang To Die.mp3 5.404.08.30 18:57:45MorrisseyFirst Of The Gang To DieYou Are The Quarry00001F5F 00001D90 00008173 00009
Morrissey - Let Me Kiss You.mp3 3.304.05.08 01:41:18MorrisseyLet me kiss you2004You Are The QuarryBuy the album!!!!0:03:28128S44
First Of The Gang To Die.mp3 5.404.10.31 12:30:57MorrisseyFirst Of The Gang To Die2004You Are The Quarry00001F5F 00001D90 00008173 000090:11:21 64S44