12 – Skiing
02 | 14 | 14
David Kutas

Yesterday was my 12th on skis this season – and it was the second beautiful after the Obergurgl day back on the Austria trip one month ago.


The place we skied called Chopok is just awesome. The hill has two sides – south and north, back in years the hill sides were separated from each other, but approx. 2 years ago a renovation started in the resort and they expanded the slopes, made new lifts… etc. Now, it’s the best place so far in Slovakia – and have bright future.


(The place can also be compared to mid-sized Austrian resorts too which is – I think – is a pretty nice compliment based on the fact that the ski area belongs to the Eastern Euopean region.)


Maybe someday we can have nearly the same opportunities in Bankut, Hungary – in our home ski resort, I know, I know, the opportunities are much different and should be way more humble, but as my favorite quotation says: “Where is a will, there is a way”. Maybe my way leads to another places but it is going to stay in my soul.

Monkey on the board - me just making some fun with the guys