JWC Weekend
03 | 03 | 14
David Kutas

We have spent the whole weekend at the FIS Alpine Ski Junior World Championships in Jasna, Slovakia. I helped my friend Marton Kekesi, who is participating in all induvidual events. On Saturday, we weren’t able to see the downhill race because it was pushed to Sunday due to Friday’s heavy snowfall.


On Sunday, it was nice and chilly, and the race was organised surprisingly well. It turned out, Slovakia (I guess Poprad would be the center) would like to organise the Winter Olympics in mid or late 2020.


As I mentioned, I helped Marton, and we also inspected the well prepared DH course. It was nice to take an inside look at this level, and be part of this whole event.


Marton was able to make a clean run, however DH is not his priority, he is a way more focused on the technical disciplines which is evident because of the available training circumstances. Look at the video about his jump and first quarter: http://youtu.be/W5-EdseqToo


Go Marton, make some noise in the following GS and SL races!

Marton Kekesi jumps approx 25 m with 130 km/h