Cliff Jumping
12 | 20 | 13
David Kutas

We have been to the lake again. For the second time it was more fantastic! HUH. The weather was awesome, it was not as hot as last time and we got some wind so I really enjoyed it. Tell the truth, I don’t really like the hot summer days. I love the normal spring days like that was.


We have traveled again with Berci’s old Trabant (which is elder than me), and it’s a fun! Always.


We have taken three jumps from the 8 meters high cliff. I have taken two front-flips, and one simple jump. Berci is working on his technique right now and I think he is a little bit afraid from the heights. But it is the point: Enter The Unknown. Just do it.


Then I’ve got an idea. I thought and realized that it is a quite big lake and we can find more points to jump from. Not far from the 8 meter high cliff we have found a strange place. It has a chamfer, with pebbly surface which is not so stable. But fortunately, I have seen the solution, I have slipped down on the pebbly surface then I had a very short moment on a stable rock to jump far from the land. Then I fell approximately 10 meters until my body hit the water. It was the best jumps I have ever made. Fortunately, Hanna (who was with us) made a pic about the jump with my GoPro. I’m really proud of this photo, one of my best action photos!


I would like to thank this awesome trip to my friends Hanna and Berci. You guys really made my day, and we have made some really good memories for our life. I think these memories will stay with us forever.

Sliding down on the pebbly surface at Ruda