#Tbt to New York
03 | 15 | 14
David Kutas

Travel a lot, travel when you can, no one can steal your memories, and travel is the best way to get memories.


My grandma told me this when I was approx. a 5-year-old kiddo. Of course, I remember that!


I was just sitting in front of old mac in the whole day (okay, I went for a short run) and someone just reminded me about my days in NY. Of course, I could write here some usual words that it was such a beautiful city with those huge buildings and BLA BLA BLA!


Actually, it wasn’t. It was more than that. I was lucky to visit so many cities in the world before my trip to the US, but NY is the city! When I left the JFK airport I felt that I will not like this city because it’s too huge and one of the first sights was the subway to Brooklyn which was kinda dirty and hot.


Then, on the first morning (when I entered Manhattan through the Williamsburg bridge  I realized NY is just different than what I expected last night when I arrived to the YMCA.


New York is the place which sets your mind free, and in the same time you can stay that human who you are. If you are open-minded and adventurous enough, NY can easily integrate you and not consume you.


Everyone should discover NY, but not like a simple tourist , but how your mind can do it – that actually means a lot more. [ETU].


Empire State of Mind - it just blows your mind away