Twitter #Music – A Fallen Product
03 | 30 | 14
David Kutas

What do you thing about music? It’s a big deal, everybody knows. And, everybody thinks that music sharing is one of the biggest deals how you can increase your incomes, get even more reliable users, but it’s the point: nobody knows how to make it. Twitter #Music just failed, Apple (Ping) failed earlier. Don’t forget to scroll when you at the bottom, there is still a lot to read!


Why do I write this down? Because I did (and still do) know the right path, and I wrote it down to my former blog more than a year ago (the concept is two years old), and I also sent the concept to Twitter, and they built part of that into their app. However, as I wrote in the blog post earlier, they jumped to the ‘dark side of the moon’ because they did not make the most important feature that can make a difference, and make their music app cool and successful: it’s the instant factor. They simply did not recognize this feature’s importance.


In addition, Twitter #Music was a poorly designed app it’s in every dimension: the UI was simply ugly and its functionality did not suggest to share music or discover the artist and music. It was based on a good idea, but a bad concept.


Okay, you can ask what are you talking about here, about million dollars businesses. Yep, maybe you are right, but as long as I can’t loose anything; here is the solution for Twitter:


If Twitter wants to build a successful application here are the key factors for that: integrating the thing into their Twitter smartphone app (not a standalone application), utilizing Multipeer Connectivity Network (MCN) or other hyperlocal solutions, and check my old flowchart even if it is outdated a bit.


The new music thing should work in the following way (ideal case): if you are riding public transport you can see what others are listening to around you on the Discover page (privacy is an important issue here and you are going to need hyperlocal solutions), of course on the ‘regular’ way you can see what your followings are listening to on your Timeline. In every part of the Twitter application music tweets should have a particular style, where you could ┬ácontinue discovering even more… etc. Check this document┬áto fully understand my concept.

In this way, you could engage your customer into music, and that’s everything!


Last year, when I was in SF, I wanted to walk into Twitter and tell them that your concept is not working properly, but I was violated that they did not give me any answers, nothing a year earlier. But, the times they are a-changin’.

Hopefully Twitter's new music solution is gonna be loud