Technology Separates Us Hyperlocally
06 | 06 | 14
David Kutas

At first sight social platforms like Facebook, Twitter suggest this technology is helping us to be connected every time, everywhere but it is simply not true hyperlocally (hyperlocally means your close environment e.g. being at school, riding public transport). Years ago you just looked out from your brain when you had a second to loose in the universe that’s how we found sometimes love, friendships – shared moments which later somehow, sometimes connected back to us. Now, it is different, we are constantly looking our phones trying to get the same feedbacks back as likes, and comments and meaningless chats from people we know (or not). However, this world is cold, ¬†built on codes, and lies, a world which sometimes is built on misconceptions, you and me are always different in our real world, and that world can not be as instant as the moment you live in.


And! Tumblr I think is the worst. Creating and collecting unrealistic memories, pre-interpreted thoughts then eventually expect it in our ‘real’ world is not the way how technology should work. Collection of our own lies. Instead of this we should get out make our own photos and make our own memories, and thoughts.


Of course, it’s a good thing when you want to keep the connection with friends and family in the distance.


Technology really separates us hyperlocally – the decision is ours – we can live the moment or wait for the unrealistic forever.

I know this drawing is too professional