Surviving Manhattan Beach
09 | 12 | 14
David Kutas

These two weeks are about LA and its close environment. I love it, the weather is awesome, the beaches are cool and the waves are pretty huge…


Yesterday, we went down to Manhattan Beach to snorkell a bit, I immediately swam under the pier and I did not even have a single thought that it can be dangerous because you can be pushed to one of the mussles covered columns by the really powerful waves. I was surprised how strong the waves are here in the Pacific Ocean, totally different what I’ve ever experienced on the Mediterranean. The waves are longer, more powerful and can push you down easily to 2 or 3 m depth. ¬† Fortunately, I grew up in water so nothing serious happened, I lost the rubber end of the snorkel’s equipment pipe because one of the breaking waves was so strong (and I was in the middle of it) ¬†that it ripped of my mask from my head, although it was fixed with a professional strap. Luckily, I felt where the current pushed the mask so I could catch it in the right moment (I mean I took a huge bite across on the pipe – that was how I cought it). Moreover, I felt that I was too close to one of the columns of the Manhattan Beach pier which can even kill you. When I could reach the surface of the water I was only approx. 1.5 meters away from the column – I was approx. 10 m away when the wave cought me. Couple months ago a beach guard lost his life in a similar situation. Pretty tough experience, I should be more careful.


So, LA is great, and the water is different, and I am happy. Stay tuned!

Under the Pier of Manhattan Beach