Saying Goodbye to the Mini
11 | 07 | 14
David Kutas

This machine was the thing which led me to do new things, and it opened up a lot of possibilities in my life.


It is a game changer device for me, it helped me to see things differently – back in those days iPhone was an unknown device. Nobody knew Apple in my close environment.


After I passed my intermediate language exam in 2007, I asked my parents to buy a Mac mini for me because I felt my laptop PC was a peace of **** even it was from the US and was a very good machine. Even if we weren’t in a too good financial situation they did it for me – they believed me that I do not want it because of dumb reasons (e.g. playing games on it). Thanks mom, thanks dad!


It was a huge jump into the unknown and future because Macs in those days were even more ahead of the game. It was a jump into the unknown because I did not know anything about it, and of course it’s not easy to spend a lot of money on a thing which you do not know. I felt it’s going to be the way. Every doubt was blown away when I started using the device – it was smooth, fast, reliable and everything was so convenient on it. And the best thing is: after 7 years it gives me the same experience when I start using it. The mini helped me to start video editing, graphics design, and complex design.


I’m continuing on this way and re-joining the future with a new 21.5″ iMac! So, buckle up, I’m sure, it’s gonna be something good.


Everyone who is using WinPCs, you should try this! Not because it’s fancy (unfortunately a lot of people thinks Mac and iPhone are only for boasting), because it is good to discover and broaden your mind.

Foreground, background: past and future