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David Kutas

I just “finished” and activated the most complex website-CMS job I’ve ever had the opportunity to work on. It is a website for a complete faculty which has 7 institutes with more than 15 departments and hundreds of workers and last but not least with approx. 800 currently enrolled students and thousands of more who plans to come to this faculty to spend at least 3 years with hard studying and building the rest of their lives up.


Interception because it is a cross-road for the faculty, for the students who may attend to this uni and faculty, and a true intersection to me. Crossroad to the faculty because they can decide now what they want: they want to build up a sustainable and bright institute and through that build real values or ultimately continue on their decadent way. And of course, ultimately an intersection for the graduate students in high schools: they will now decide where they want to spend their next couple of years. I think a website is a pretty important thing in this case.


The intersection for me is pretty clear: I built this site up from nothing (I complexly designed the UI/IX, re-designed the structure of the whole menu which surprisingly has a pretty big effect on the physical institute too, uploaded a lot of content [thanks goes to Mark Zsemko for helping me] … etc), despite it has a lot of issues (I know I’m not professional, and I’m still junior [I realized the importance of horizontal scroll in responsive sites just by now.. etc.]). I can continue on this way and deepen my knowledge even more (now, I see even more details how to build things up, how to organize, how to communicate, how to design) in complex website-CMS design, or start a thing which is way more bigger than this, which could take me to whole new levels.


I think I’ll stay hungry and foolish.

Building things is awesome...