Can They Change the Mentality of a Whole Country?
01 | 04 | 15
David Kutas

A couple of days ago, I have bought a new pair of skis because on my other slalom skis (Elan and Fischer) you cannot change the size of the binding enough for smaller sized boots. We’ve bought the skis on the internet, and we needed to pick it up in a parking lot, so we went there everything was OK so I payed the money (I hate bargaining) – when I did that the guy who was selling the skis immediately gave a pair of ski poles for free. It was really surprising and nice, then he turned to his partner and talked a bit of German and gave me back 10 Euros from the price – it was even more surprising and I ultimately recognized it’s a whole different world than where I grew up and socialized in the last 23 years. Then we went to Präbichl to practice skiing w/ the new skis. On time, I looked down to my Lange boots and I discovered one of my buckles are missing – I started looking for it and fortunately because it was black I found it but continued the search for the screw. After 20 minutes of searching I gave up, and I said whatever it costs I need to go to the service and fix it because it’s necessary. So I went into the ski service and I showed my broken boot, the guy who was there immediately started looking for a screw for it and after not more than 10 sec he was screwing in the new one – it was also a surprise because I have WorldCup Lange boots which has special hex screws. I was so glad, and of course I asked that how much I need to pay then he turned to me, gave me back my boots and said you are welcome dude, it was nothing for me…


He saved my day, he was my second hero of the day and I became even more glad and happy.


This mentality is amazing, I love it. It’s easy to love I know – doing it is a totally different thing.


On the way back to Leoben to celebrate New Year’s Eve I was thinking on the Hősök Tere Initiative. Can this thing be successful, can they really change the country I was born? Can they reach this level like what we have experienced today in Austria?


In my opinion the answer is a straight no. No, because you are in the box and you cannot see the light from inside because the box you are inside is hermetically closed with the ‘help’ of your everyday problems what you cannot overcome even if you really want to change. Why? Because this problem is not caused by yourself but other parties… Here in Austria, or USA they see the light on the top of the box.

First moments of 2015 in Leoben, Austria