Have a Goal – Have a Shot
03 | 18 | 15
David Kutas

I’ve never written down how I really made it to where I’m right now – I did not want to do it until I passed all my prerequisite subjects  - the story of with nearly no red lights. It can also be an inspiration for some of you to have goals which eventually can lead to shots. If you create your own goals, work for them and you’ll have your on shot and that’s everything: one of the shots will work, which will take you where you want to be.


The story begins in October, 2013 – when I returned back from California, USA. I wasn’t disappointed but I had no clue what to write my BSc thesis about. There were two choices: follow the line or jump off the page, take the uncertainity, follow my heart and let’s see what happens. Finally, I took the risky road and started working on the project which eventually helped me to get here to where I’m right now.


When the thesis writing’s fog started to clear up, I decided to *maybe* enter another, real fog which rolls into my favorite bay and city in the world nearly everyday. I decided to make another US trip – from what money that was the question because for the first trip I was saving for almost 3 years, but I had some ideas. In June, finally the 8-month-long thesis writing story ended with a quite good degree result and the trip to Cali was nearly fixed (next to the thesis writing I worked pretty hard so my overall work load on a usual day was 10-12 hours).


I wasn’t 100% satisfied with the result of the degree (I got good results but the invested work and thoughts, ideas – could be more appropriately appreciated). So, I knew there was no future for me anymore in Miskolc.  I knew about Leoben (Austria) and that was an option to continue studying there, but I also knew that I could hardly move to Leoben if I go to SF. I would not give up another US trip for anything. I was wondering that if I really need to get to Leoben, somehow I’ll make it there – my heart knew this, so I kept working 8-9 hours a day with trust in my heart to have some money after my trip – for a possible move to Leoben.


We had a beautiful summer with loads of fun, and loads of work (which is still helping me to do new things…), it was busy, packed a bit stressful but fun that one of the goals got even closer and even more reachable. However, Leoben seemed to be an unreachable goal – even with that incredible amount of work. I applied for a scholarship, but of course I wasn’t expecting anything based on the former experience from HUN companies.


Then, one week before my flight day, I got a call when we were scuba diving w/ Jesper, his girlfriend,  and Adri and Marci Kekesi. That call changed everything.


I needed to travel to Vienna 1 day before my US trip to participate at a full day interview and assessment center for a possible scholarship which would provide full sponsorship for the master program at Leoben. I traveled there made the things, and I jumped on the plane – and when I arrived to Cali my cellphone rang: I got the scholarship. That was an incredible moment – everything from the last four years seemed to be payed off somehow.


However, it wasn’t over yet. They required me to make some technical interviews with professors from the uni and professionals from the company. After my arrival back to Europe (which was planned for one day before the school starts in Leoben) they also required to take a TOEFL exam. So, I started to study really hard when I was hiking at Diamond Head, riding the CalTrain to Cupertino to Apple, sitting on planes to Dallas, and enjoying SF - but when I see the possibilities I usually get even more eager and it makes me happy that there are goals that I can actually work – so the interviews went well, and when I came back I made the exam properly.


So finally, I could be sure that I can stay. I believe really good things do not come like a sudden shock – you need to work to reach them, and you need also to be able to enjoy the ride and the reward. So, I’m trying to enjoy it and entering new kind of unknowns. Rebeling - following your instincts is also important, I never gave up them and fortunately I partly get what I ever wished for, of course it also takes a lot of work, getting help from your loved ones and unknowns, and finally: luck is also a necessary and unmissable part of the story.


I’ve always been a rebel, everyone knows back in Hungary, and hopefully I’ll stay – but rebelling is easy – but to fulfill the rebelling with thoughts which gives meaning to it that’s damn hard. I’m just learning how ti fulfill it…

Serious me in SF last year