Sporture (and Other Everyday Stuff)
04 | 28 | 15
David Kutas

Sport and Culture – here in Austria (and a bit of Italy) can be fitted pretty well – so I call it sporture what we do here…


The last couple of weeks were good! Lots of studying (mainly reading books and publications about offshore drilling safety) despite we had few weeks of Easter break, lots of coding (finishing the most advanced WP theme I’ve ever written for an organization¬†- I have been working on it since December, 2014), applying and figuring out traveling details for upcoming conferences, travel to Hungary for 4 days to see the family, and a bit of skiing in the beginning of April w/ 1.5 days of Venice.


Just a short but more detailed recap of the events from the previous weeks:


Adri came to visit me for some days, and Berci also joined us from Denmark. Approx. 1 meter of fresh pow snow fell down in just 2 days in the beginning of April, so it was really great to shred that fresh cold, dry smooth powder (actually it was the best I’ve ever experienced), and make some cool things like jumping into the snow and landing on face like idiots. ¬†Adri’s birthday present was that we skied in Turracher Hoehe and when we stopped to grab some lunch we unveiled (with Berci) our ‘evil’ plan that from the resort we are not going back home to Leoben, but to visit Venice for 1,5 days. All these things were organized weeks before the actual events took place – but it was a great surprise for Adri since she did not know about anything at all!


These days were simply awesome, words can hardly describe it… I hope it is not ‘the time of my life’!


2nd semester ending is on the way, then a bit of internship in (and next to Vienna) for the summer, so stay tuned!

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