Finding Myself on the Landing Page of the Largest Industry Publication Platform (Again)
04 | 20 | 16
David Kutas

My new paper has been just published on I was sitting on a presentation when I tried to retrieve it with a redeem code I received and I was thinking: HELL! it will take a bit of time to find it among all those other papers which are presented on this One Day Seminar SPE event in Bergen, Norway. Considering that I’m pretty exhausted right now (a new website “commissioning” process was due yesterday evening, and I’m also writing the thesis and preparing for the afternoon presentation …next to a load of other things…) I was not too happy that I would needed to search for that!


Then, I just looked on the screen and I’ve been on the very first landing screen and top of the most recent publications. Great feeling!


If ya got a min read the abstract, or the full publication here:
(just discovered that Fig. 8 is upside down, I’ll ask them to fix it)


Tomorrow, leaving Bergen for Leoben.

This is how I found myself!