Sail Away – Enter some New Fun and Adventures
08 | 15 | 16
David Kutas

I know. It’s been a long time since I wrote here and I still owe that post about my uni studies but I just can’t make it real – maybe it wasn’t even that important and meaningful after all? Cannot decide it yet. Bummer.


In the meantime, I’m keepin’ myself busy by learning windsurfing and coding. After some initial failures I’m getting on track finally, I think, I guess, I hope. Follow me on ista to see the whole story. I’ve just finished a cool interactive GMaps based mineral database with a website which handles information in a kinda complex way with a load of post types and post formats. New projects are on the way, and of course Linecept will be on the carpet to make some progress with that too…


Hopefully, I’ll be able to continue riding in the autumn time too – next to a couple of conferences in Austria and Germany.


Sailing away