Over the Point Break
09 | 02 | 16
David Kutas

I guess I’m over the point break – windsurfing is fun now! Telling the whole truth, it is the most difficult sport to learn in my entire life so far – skiing, even on a higher level is nothing compared to this.


I think it is because of the complex motion and sequence of startup where the feet, legs, waist, arms, need to be controlled correctly simultaneously by the brain to be able to control the board and the sail next to constantly changing wind and wave movement.


Of course, it is also not helping much, that I started with a 6.5 square-meter sail and 133 L classic geometry (narrow and long)  and slippery windsurf board. Adri made more progress in 4 hours with a friendlier kit Рof course we do not see now, how she will be able to control a more serious kit later on. Hope the best!


I guess, new point breaks are over the horizon! BTW, Vasiliki, Greece is just awesome to gain some windsurfing skills and experience quickly!

It's just great to shred water!