Starting Something New: Linecept
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David Kutas

I’ve grown up in contradictory society.


I’ve been told and shown that many inventions of our recent history comes from our countrymen so from Hungarians i.e. from Neumann or Kármán, but in the same time I’ve grown up in a system where most of my possibly good ideas have been rejected without a question, in a system where I’ve been told that my rebellion to change the status-quo needs to be suppressed or simply killed.


However, you cannot kill the voices inside yourself, and sooner or later you will make it, or die trying. Starting from the age of 17, I stepped on the road of becoming a person who I really would liked to be.


Today, I hope I make another step towards this life-long goal by introducing and launching Linecept in its experimental form.


You can read more about Linecept here: or on this LinkedIn publication.

Stay tuned, more explanation and interesting things are on the close horizon… )’(

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